E.c.ho Milan: Green Link in the Starhotels Group

E.c.ho Milan: Green Link in the Starhotels Group
October 3, 2017 Bradley Cox


Starhotels E.c.ho. Milan is a luxury hotel located in the centre of Italy’s fashion capital which offers a wide range of sustainable and cutting edge solutions, providing guests with an unforgettable and natural experience of eco-responsibility.

Green Globe congratulates Starhotels E.c.ho. Milan on its recent re-certification and awarded the property an outstanding compliance score of 90%.

Green Globe’s video of E.c.ho. Milan can be viewed here..

Starhotel Echo,Milan

E.c.ho. is an eco-contemporary hotel within the Starhotels group which has again been acknowledged for its achievements in sustainable best practices. To save energy, 80% of lighting is now LED and 72 solar panels have been installed on the roof. The hotel uses only biodegradable carpet and cleaning products, organic furniture and paints for renovation repairs. To further reduce the property’s impact on the environment, in its rooms it offers Fair Trade and eco-certified products and Nordic Swan amenities. Also, paper products including toilet paper and tissue are generally FSC certified and pens are made of recycled plastic.

E.c.ho. has an eco-approach in its dining experience as well, a filtration system allows the bottling of still or sparkling water in place of disposable bottled water and both the restaurant and the bar, in partnership with Eataly (an Italian initiative for slow food producers), serve local and seasonal products. In addition, cereals, jams and spreads offered at the breakfast buffet are presented in jars or reusable dishes to minimize waste.

Starhotel Echo,Milan

Visit the hotel’s Green Page for detailed information about its eco-friendly practices.


Gigliola Lombardi
General Manager
Viale Andrea Doria
4 – 20124
phone +39 02 67891
fax +39 02 57307550
mobile +39 335 8167132
email g.lombardi@starhotels.it
web www.starhotels.com