Derag Livinghotels receives Green Globe certification

Derag Livinghotels receives Green Globe certification
April 26, 2018 Bradley Cox

(PREGAS) Derag Livinghotels has ten good reasons to celebrate at the end of April – the market leader in the field of serviced apartments in the German-speaking market this month receives Green Globe certification for the company headquarters and nine of the 16 houses *. The remaining hotels will follow during 2018.

With its commitment to Green Globe as one of the world’s leading certification and performance improvement programs, Derag Livinghotels aims to continuously enhance economic, social and environmental sustainability in the travel and tourism industry. Derag Livinghotels is taking its long-term commitment to resource-based economics further, with a new, even more visible commitment, that engages all employees and guests.

Lorenz ter Veen, Chief Operating Officer at Derag Livinghotel, who significantly contributed to the certification process, said, “The final decision for Green Globe certification was made at the beginning of last year, when we talked to Green Globe during a trip through Belgium and Holland visiting a variety of hotels. We were enormously surprised by how many of their employees have identified with green topics and make it a large part of their private lives. 

“We were particularly impressed by how convinced the colleagues were in getting behind the approach of setting goals for themselves, being able to test them and not resting on the achievements and successes they had achieved, but rather having to improve from year to year. We have been dealing with many sustainability topics from the very beginning of our business and are constantly striving for optimisation at all levels.

How quickly and positively the topic of sustainability was received by Derag Livinghotels employees can be seen from the beginning of the certification process with green initiatives actively submitted to the management or director level. The range of sustainability actions went beyond the obligatory criteria such as water decanters instead of water bottles in the conference hotels, less packaging for breakfast foods and the abolition of disposable coffee cups.

The range of new proposals were both small and big, and all had one thing in common: to improve even more significantly the environmental performance of the company, its social responsibility and economic profitability. These are the three pillars of sustainability and core themes that are playing an increasingly important role for success with customers and guests alike.

On top of this sustainable management approach there is also a very special additional benefit, identified by Lorenz ter Veen, “Probably the most beautiful side effect that we experience through the Green Globe certification process is the increased sense of motivation and belonging of our employees and colleagues, because they see and personally experience the implementation of their own ideas in the company. 

* Derag Livinghotel at the Viktualienmarkt, Derag Livinghotel Princess Elisabeth, Derag Livinghotel at the Opera, Derag Livinghotel Weissensee, Derag Livinghotel Großer Kurfürst, Derag Livinghotel Berlin Mitte, Derag Livinghotel De Medici, Derag Livinghotel Dusseldorf, Derag Livinghotel Frankfurt