Denaye Hinds, Green Globe Accredited Auditor: Green revolution can help businesses grow

Denaye Hinds, Green Globe Accredited Auditor: Green revolution can help businesses grow
October 7, 2011 Arton Kabashi

Sustainable development is good for business as well as the environment, according to OBM International Director of Sustainability Denaye Hinds.

Speaking to the Hamilton Rotary Club yesterday, Ms Hinds said moving forward with sustainability in mind could both cut operational costs and boost business.

“Consumers are willing to pay more for it, so it’s good from more than just an environmental standpoint,” she said.

“And, in my experience, nine out of ten businesses spend ten to 15 percent more on power than they need.”

Locally, she said OBM International, an architectural firm, has been working to bring businesses in line with Green Globe international standards, which look at not just environmental sustainability, but economic and social sustainability.

“The reason Green Globe Certification is so interesting is we are trying to push internationally for not just hotels but all businesses to act more sustainably,” she said.

“We need to think about building green, not just for the business but for the local community.”

Ms Hinds said the firm has worked closely with the Rosewood Tuckers Point Resort to develop strategies which are not only environmentally friendly, but give visitors a better taste of Bermudian culture.

Efforts put forward by the resort include highlighting local artists by displaying paintings and murals on the property, working with local groups such as the Bermuda Audubon Society and adopting green technology.

Golf carts used on the property are electric, and more than a dozen vehicles on the resort use biodiesel, produced by the resort.

“Bermuda has the charm and the allure. Green Globe provides one avenue for us to build for the future so that we can work with nature,” Ms Hind said.