Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua: Decades of Good Deeds

Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua: Decades of Good Deeds
May 3, 2017 Bradley Cox

Curtain Bluff Resort on the Caribbean Island of Antigua is known for its unique location, facing not one but two beaches along its stunning peninsula. The resort is one of Antigua’s longest operating hotels and its luxurious laid back pace has played host for many of the world’s vacationing celebrities.

At the heart of this family built hospitality business is a deep and long connection to the local community. The resort has been open since the early 1960s and within its staff are generations of local Antiguans from the nearby Old Road Village. Early on in its history, the owners of Curtain Bluff decided to make a commitment to Old Road Village and in particular bring greater opportunities to local children, via a charitable fund.

Resort founders Howard and Chelle Hulford originally started the Old Road Fund in 1974. Initially its purpose was to supply basic necessities to the community’s neediest families, but it quickly out-grew these modest goals thanks to support from the resort and its guests. To date over $US 1 million has been spent on various programs ranging from university scholarship assistance and medical relief to sports development.

In the last twenty years alone more than 150 children have gone to tennis camp in the USA and 45 have received a full university education. Eleven students are currently enrolled in college in the USA. Over 20 have had major healthcare benefits. Through the fund, computers have been donated to the Old Road Primary School, and new uniforms and sporting equipment purchased for the village football (soccer) and cricket teams.

Both the owners and resort guests have made significant contributions over decades. Internally at the resort, the staff have formed a Green Team which holds monthly meetings to discuss future projects including Old Road Village. The resort’s Green Team are enthusiastic supporters of the Old Road Primary School and work has been carried out to maintain facilities at the school.

Curtain Bluff’s Green Team also provides an important contribution to the local community by striving to conserve the resort’s utilities and resources, including electricity and water. Team members continually monitor consumption patterns aimed at improving environmental performance.

Curtin Bluff is proud of its efforts in resource management. A reverse osmosis water treatment plant supplies the resort with clean water, so there is no need to use the local community’s water supply. Additionally the resort has its own sewage treatment plant with treated water used in the ground’s gardens.

Reduction of waste streams also lessens the impact on the local landfill, with initiatives including composting vegetable waste from the kitchens as well as dried leaves and cuttings from the gardens. Dried coconuts from the coconut trees are also turned into mulch, which is excellent for water saving around the gardens.

The Green Team also have a program of recycling cans and bottles, and only biodegradable products, that are not harmful to the environment, are used in cleaning.

K. Denay Hinds, Green Globe Auditor said, ” Curtain Bluff continues to find unique and creative ways to address sustainability throughout the resort, most particularly their purchasing and waste management efforts. Their staff demonstrates commitment to responsibility and environmental consideration in many ways; all while maintaining quality of service and a passion for their local community.”

The resort has been a certified Green Globe member since 2010 and has once again been awarded for its sustainability practices and an outstanding compliance score of 83%. As Curtin Bluff continues on its sustainable journey, the focus is on a working environment that is not only pleasant but also functional by creating a world class level of service and delivering an intangible uniqueness.


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