Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South: Staying Green in 2020

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South: Staying Green in 2020
October 28, 2020 Bradley Cox

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam, situated in the South of Amsterdam, is just a short walk from the Amsterdam Zuid station which connects guests to the city centre within 10 minutes by metro. The business hotel offers modern designed accommodation with sunny outdoor terraces, a lively bar and a new signature restaurant Happyhappyjoyjoy Zuidas.

Green Globe first certified Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South in 2014. The hotel was recently recertified for the seventh year in a row.

The hotel continues to develop its sustainability strategy in 2020, though there have been some challenges with the global impact of Covid-19. Best practices have focussed on community development in the Netherlands and abroad and adapting operations to suit a green hotel whilst adhering to Covid safety rules.

Community Development

Crowne Plaza Amterdam South supports several community initiatives and causes that benefit society at large.

Local initiatives include Plogging or picking up waste in the local area, cooking for homeless, offering complimentary accommodation for the Make a Wish Foundation and hotel staff members participate in sponsoring running matches such as Run For Stars. Egg cardboard boxes are collected for animal shelters, bottle caps collected for guide dogs and books are donated to Books 4 Life, a non-profit organization that supports worthy causes.

Meetings are also held at Happyhappyjoyjoy Zuidas to discuss with other companies how to become a greener, safer and more sustainable community.

Moyee Fairtrade Coffee

A new Fairtrade coffee – Moyee coffee – has been offered since May 2019. Fairtrade focuses on social, economic and environmental benefits for coffee producing countries. The farmers in these countries not only harvest the beans, they also prepare the beans for consumption. Originally roasting and packaging was done in other countries (for example, the Netherlands), so now the farmers can earn more money than previously. Moyee coffee machines are now available in all guest rooms.

Staying Green

In line with the hotel’s linen and towel reuse program, guests can usually place a Greener Stay Card on the bed to indicate that the room doesn’t require cleaning. Due to Covid-19 safety procedures, this Card is no longer available in guest rooms. Instead, guests are informed about the hotel’s Greener Stay program upon check in when they decide their option of choice.

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