Constance Le Prince Maurice Mauritius Sixth Constance Hotel & Resort Recertified Green Globe

Constance Le Prince Maurice Mauritius Sixth Constance Hotel & Resort Recertified Green Globe
January 15, 2016 Bradley Cox

The luxurious, secluded Constance Le Prince Maurice Mauritius is home to stunning architecturally designed water villas and suites. Principles of Feng Shui are featured in the hotel’s design allowing Qi energy to circulate through rooms and open spaces. Lovers of golf, cycling, diving and watersports can indulge their passions at this tranquil paradise in Mauritius. Guests leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.Staff pic

Constance Le Prince Maurice Mauritius is one of six Constance Hotels and Resorts recently recertified by Green Globe and attained a high compliance score of 80%.

During 2015, the hotel focused on several environmental initiatives. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Green Team members were actively involved in World Environment Day celebrations on the 5th of June. A video about the importance of preserving the environment was presented to the children from Etoile de Mer School. In addition, tree planting activities and a talk on the process of composting was given. Etoile de Mer is a school that supports the learning and development of children from disadvantaged families. Constance Le Prince Maurice regularly contributes to the school and provides lunch for the children once a week.

On World Environment day, younger guests were also treated to a fun-filled tree planting ceremony at the Kids Club.

Another CSR activity supported by the hotel was the clean up of abandoned land in the region of Poste de Flacq where the property is located. As part of its community development objectives, the village council is planning to build an entertainment area for residents that includes a green corner and solar panels.

Constance Le Prince Maurice works with local suppliers to implement recycling programs as part of its waste reduction strategy. All departments, responsible for waste management at the property, ensure PET bottles are taken to Polypet Recyclers Ltd. that handles the recovery and recycling of plastic bottles. In addition, the IT department collects used batteries which are taken to the Orange Shop on the island for recycling.

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