Constance Ephelia Seychelles Reconnecting with Nature

Constance Ephelia Seychelles Reconnecting with Nature
October 11, 2017 Bradley Cox

The luxury beachside resort, , Constance Ephelia Seychelles lies within 120 hectares of luxuriant, lush vegetation on the island of Mahé, overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay. Constance Ephelia Seychelles is one of six Constance Hotels & Resorts properties recently recertified by Green Globe.

Markus Ultsch-Unrath, Health, Safety & Environment Project Manager at the resort, details the property’s green approach and best practices.

“In a world of environmental, social and financial difficulties, it is essential and our duty to reconnect with nature as practiced by the many generations before us. The pace of fast development needs to be slowed down and considered, and we have to realize that we are not just a part of nature – in actual fact we are nature. With this thought in mind, we will be able to overcome recent challenges and build a brighter future for generations to come,” said Markus Ultsch-Unrath.

Environmental projects are at the forefront of the resort’s agenda with numerous initiatives launched in the last few years. Constance Ephelia aims to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort and surrounding areas by building stronger relationships between the resort and its community partners. For the past two years from 2015-17, in line with our Mangrove Management Plan and in collaboration with the Port Glaud Environment Club, the local NGO Sustainability for Seychelles and Mangroves for the Future (MFF), we have implemented the project entitled Community based Management of the Port Launay Mangrove RAMSAR Site in Seychelles.

To support the national Queens Commonwealth Canopy Initiative to plant 20,000 trees in the Seychelles between 2016-17, Ephelia resort contributed 2,000 planted mangrove trees. After the initiation of our Mangrove tree nursery, in which we planted seedlings in pots and transplanted them in degraded areas, we started a monitoring program. This will help us maintain scientific data of mangrove propagation and rehabilitation in regards to growth and survival rate.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles plays a key role in the development of educational initiatives. We are actively working with government and private schools as well as the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles by welcoming students to participate in planting or clean-up activities that focus on the regeneration of degraded areas and to learn about best management practices of the mangrove wetlands and sustainable tourism. Since 2015, we have welcomed 1,190 students and community members taking part in sustainability and environmental education tours. Furthermore, we assisted in building an information kiosk within the community as well as a boardwalk through the mangroves to increase awareness and educate the community and visitors about this precious wetland.



Markus Ultsch-Unrath
Health, Safety, Environment Projects Manager
Constance Ephélia Seychelles
Port Launay
phone +(248) 439 5046
fax: +(248) 439 5001