Constance Ephelia Awarded Gold in the Seychelles

Constance Ephelia Awarded Gold in the Seychelles
October 17, 2018 Bradley Cox

Constance Ephelia Seychelles enjoys a unique location set within 120 hectares of land with luxuriant and rare vegetation, situated on two of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay.

Green Globe recently awarded Gold status to Constance Ephelia Seychelles in acknowledgement of five consecutive years of certification.

Located on a small island, Constance Ephelia faces ongoing challenges regarding energy, water and waste management. Constance Ephelia follows a comprehensive sustainability management plan that includes innovative green ideas. A network analysis of all generators was completed in 2011 to ensure best efficiency is maintained, central chillers for air conditioning have been installed and there are no boilers due to the heat exchanger producing ample hot water (60`C). Dryers are powered by LPG gas and only energy efficient equipment is purchased. Staff also contribute to energy reduction programs by following a computer shut down policy in BOH areas.

Water saving measures include an in-house desalination plant and the planting of native plants throughout the grounds. In some areas the endemic species Palmiste (Deckenia nobilis) and Vakwa (Pandanus Balflouri) are grown and Coco de mer palms (Lodoicea maldivica) were first planted at the hotel premises in 2014. Recycled water from the onsite sewage treatment plant is used for irrigation to minimize water usage.

Constance Ephelia has a wide-ranging recycling program in place that includes recycling of glass and plastic bottles, scrap metal and batteries, cans, electronic waste and food waste. Beer bottles are given back to local supplier for refund and refill, and glass waste is given to a construction company that crush the grass and use it as a construction filling material. In future, the hotel will crush glass onsite for recycling to increase efficiency. The in-house water bottling plant currently reuses and refills 800 glass bottles per day thereby reducing plastic bottle consumption.

Constance Ephelia takes great effort to minimize food waste. The sale of chicken bones and fish head waste to generate revenue is an interesting innovation at the property. In addition, some of the food refuse is collected by a farmer and fed to pigs on the island while vegetable remains are segregated and fed to the family of Aldabra giant tortoises who live onsite or composted. Guests are welcome to participate in the tortoise feeding.

Constance Ephelia supports various environmental and social initiatives to enhance regional development. In line with its Mangrove Management Plan, the hotel implemented a project named Community based Management of the Port Launay Mangrove RAMSAR Site in Seychelles, in collaboration with the Port Glaud environment club, the local NGO Sustainability for Seychelles and Mangroves for the Future (MFF). The project includes planting, clean ups, monitoring, community involvement and raising community awareness.

Many students visit the hotel for environment educational tours and workshops with community members. This year, a proposal was renewed for trainees from Seychelles Tourism Academy, the University of Seychelles and international universities to assist with the development of a qualified local workforce in Mahé.

The incorporation of local culture is integral to the hotel’s sustainability plans. Constance Ephelia uses elements of local art, architecture or cultural heritage in its architecture and promotes creole cuisine, handicrafts by local artisans and local musicians. In 2017, an agreement was signed with the Seychelles School of Art to promote and use works by students. A Green Guide with illustrations by a local artist was also created.


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