Conservatorium hotel Utilizes Smart Green Technology

Conservatorium hotel Utilizes Smart Green Technology
April 24, 2019 Bradley Cox

The Conservatorium hotel is Amsterdam’s leading luxury lifestyle palace, evoking glamour and elegance for sophisticated, design-literate travellers. Located in the Museum District, the cultural heart and centre of the city, the Conservatorium combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design.

Green Globe recertified the Conservatorium hotel earlier this month. The property was the first hotel in the Netherlands to be certified by Green Globe in 2011.

Roy Tomassen, General Manager at the hotel said, ‘The Conservatorium hotel believes that caring for our environment and our communities is a responsibility that we all share. We believe that it is important to be committed to making a difference in the lives of those people we meet every day. As global citizens we embrace this responsibility.”

The heritage property continues to lead the way in implementing advanced technological measures that conserve energy usage.

A Building Management System (BMS), a technical system which integrates climate control and fire detection functions, has been installed to control temperatures within rooms as well as monitor heating and cooling requirements and ventilation throughout the property. The BMS is a crucial feature of the property’s preventative maintenance program and alerts staff of any issues or discrepancies in real time. This will pop up as an alarm on mobile phone screens. Guests can rest assured that any discomfort will be avoided with this state of the art technology.

Renewable energy is preferred by the Conservatorium hotel and used when possible. The air conditioning system uses stored energy from a wheel heater exchange, resulting in 100% fresh air generated by renewable energy. Furthermore, the property has invested in an Inncom system that regulates lighting and air-conditioning in rooms. When rooms are not in use, lights will automatically turn off after a specified time while air-conditioning units switch over to basic mode to save energy.

To reduce the use of fossil fuels for energy generation, a Warmte Koude Opslag (WKO) system is deployed for heating and cooling within the hotel building. WKO storage units located in the back garden of the hotel utilise underground aquifer thermal energy storage to vary temperatures in accordance with seasonal changes. In addition, the hotel is part of the Destination Charging Network and has two charging points for Tesla cars and other electric vehicles to encourage responsible travel choices by guests and visitors.

The Conservatorium hotel’s Sustainability Actions are detailed on its website.


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