Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam: New QR Code Menus Part of Contactless Measures

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam: New QR Code Menus Part of Contactless Measures
May 26, 2021 Bradley Cox

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam is an architectural masterpiece that combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design. The hotel is located in the Museum Square district, the luxury cultural heart of the city.

Green Globe recertified the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam for the ninth consecutive year earlier in 2021. The Conservatorium was the first hotel to be awarded Green Globe Certification in The Netherlands.

The hotel remains committed to its sustainable practices and, even during these unprecedented times, has introduced new initiatives that enhance their guests’ experience.

Energy Measures
The natural light that fills many spaces within the property including guest rooms, suites and meeting rooms is part of the unique architectural design that incorporates Art Noveau interiors and refined modern colours, materials and technology. The glass-enclosed lounge is one of the standout features of the hotel where use of available light greatly reduces energy consumption in the daytime.

To encourage less reliance on fossil fuels, Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam has now become part of the Destination Charging Network.  Two electrical chargers for cars have been installed in the courtyard, one dedicated for Tesla cars and another for other e-vehicles.

QR Code Menus
New adjustments in hotel operations have been made to adapt to the current Covid-19 situation. QR codes are now used in the restaurant and guest rooms replacing printed menu cards. In addition, to keep verbal communication with hotel staff to a minimum, room instructions for guests are displayed on TVs in rooms and paper cards are used by guests to advise housekeeping staff of cleaning requests.

Employee Training Programs
Face to face employee training on sustainability topics has not been possible or very limited during the pandemic. However, all staff members joined the Green Globe e-leaning module in 2019 and since then, all new employees have been assigned to this e-learning program during their induction training.

Other Green Practices
Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam aims to reduce its waste volume as much as possible and prefers reusable sustainable items in place of plastic containers. Cleaning products used are also eco-certified to minimize environmental impacts.

Local seasonal organic ingredients are preferred in restaurants and kitchens. However, in line with current Dutch government regulations the Brasserie & Lounge and Taiko Cuisine & Bar remain temporarily closed. For the convenience of guests, Conservatorium Counter offers a special take away menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be enjoyed in rooms and suites.

Hotel Conservatorium Amsterdam’s Full Sustainability Management Plan is available here.