Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam Certified Green Globe

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam Certified Green Globe
October 18, 2011 Arton Kabashi

LOS ANGELES, California – Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam, the new luxury lifestyle hotel in Amsterdam, has entered the Green Globe Certification Program – the travel and tourism industries’ worldwide label for sustainable management and operations. Green Globe is a worldwide organization that certifies its members according to internationally-accepted sustainability criteria. Conservatorium Hotel has been independently audited and awarded certification to the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism, marking a first for an Amsterdam hotel.

Jeroen Sirag, Director of Sales and Marketing, commented: “Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam occupies a heritage site incredibly rich with history. We wanted to sign up for a sustainability program that has a global approach to ensure that both our development and management are making a minimal negative impact on the environment around us.”

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam has integrated important sustainable practices from the beginning of the building’s redevelopment. The hotel uses a thermal energy storage system and reuses water from its swimming pool in the grounds’ sprinkler system, for example. The approach continues in the hotel’s Food & Beverage department where, together with Executive Chef Schilo Van Coevorden, the hotel aims to promote local organic ingredients and prohibit the use of ingredients from endangered species of food such as blue fin tuna.

Guests will also play a role; they will be offered options to compensate for the CO2 emission of their traveling, decide the frequency of towel and linen change, and will also be able to choose allergy-free rooms. In addition, guests will gain access to the Conservatorium Hotel’s unique “human library” – a vast bank of local knowledge that each member of staff will be trained to share with guests, thereby preserving and promoting local practice and culture.

Madelon Boom, General Manager, said of the initiative: “Today it is our responsibility to work and look after our environment in every way we can. In the future, guests will look more to what hotels do in terms of sustainability, and with this in mind, we have decided to focus on this from the start and to train our staff regularly. We do this to add a competitive element to our offer but moreover because we appreciate the environment in which we are located and want to do something positive to protect it.”

The Green Globe certification project at the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam was managed by Duurzame Hotels Nederland, specialist in sustainable business for the hotel industry. Sarah Jenny, General Manager, said about the collaboration: “We have assisted around one hundred hotels in various certification processes, and that is why it’s impressive to see how this project was embraced with great enthusiasm by Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam. Their willingness to be truly sustainable is remarkable.”



• Thermal energy storage
• Energy efficient lighting (LED)
• Model-based Automated Regulation of Ventilation-Exhaust Levels in kitchen
(Marvel System from Halton)
• LED Television
• Guest room Energy Management System
• Use of thick tinted glass
• Use of Green electricity
• Guests are offered options to compensate the CO2 emission of their travel and/or overnight stay


• Re-use of swimming pool water for sprinkler system
• Low flow dual flush toilets
• Guest decides frequency of towels and linen change


• Use of a baler and compactor to reduce waste volume (less transportation)
• Waste collector pick up frequency based on sensor (only when containers are full) to limit transportation
• Use of eco-certified cleaning products
• Plastic containers are not used in the hotel


• Most products are produced locally and are organic
• Promotion of local organic restaurants
• Endangered species or food from non-sustainable practices are not served (eg., blue fin tuna)


• All colleagues receive regularly training on sustainability
• Financial support to protected natural areas
• Maintenance of cultural heritage (19th century building restored)
• Use of Dutch cultural heritage in operation (Delftware porcelain in restaurant and as decoration)
• Excellent access of the facilities for people in wheelchairs
• Special rooms for people with allergies
• Interpretation Program (human library) set up together with locals


Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam is part of an independently-owned family of hotels, including Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem, Café Royal Hotel London (opening Spring 2012), and Hotel Lutetia Paris. The hotels form a subsidiary of real estate company Alrov, founded in 1978 by Chairman Alfred Akirov, and overseen by Managing Director Georgi Akirov. Alrov is a prominent market leader, with more than 30 years’ experience developing, operating, and investing in unique high-profile landmark buildings, developments, and projects in Europe.

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam, like its sibling hotels, is run from a management company which is headquartered in London and is overseen by Chief Executive Officer Massimo Ianni. Massimo brings a distinguished CV including fifteen years at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, a senior management and consultancy role at the Faena Hotel & Universe (Buenos Aires) and launch consultant to Giorgio Armani for Armani Hotel Dubai.

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam and its family of hotels promises dedication to the highest level of luxury and an elegant, personalized service. These hotels build on the individual values and heritage of each location to create new, contemporary, and world-class destinations. The destinations offer international and local communities extraordinary design and interiors, state-of-the-art technology, innovative dining and entertainment venues, and exclusive and inspiring holistic wellbeing spa & gym centers.


Green Globe Certification is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally-accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe Certification is based in California, USA, and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is the only certification brand to be an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) an agency of the United Nations, and is partly owned by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). For information visit .

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