Community Development is Heart of Tourism Success

Community Development is Heart of Tourism Success
April 29, 2015 Bradley Cox
Victoria Liles Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, Sustainability Manager

Victoria Liles
Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, Sustainability Manager

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Victoria Liles Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, Sustainability Manager

In today’s climate, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that modern living has on the environment.  Many consumers now actively search out environmentally friendly, biodegradable products, businesses that offset their emissions, and even tourism based businesses that practice green and sustainable initiatives.

We are moving into a time when these green initiatives and practices are a part of a standard business model, rather than something done as an extra to stand out.

Working within the hotel industry, there are many things we do that help a hotel property to be more sustainable in its day to day operations. Reduce packaging, reduce waste, composting, re-use policies. These are all wonderful, but if they are only practiced within the internal environment of the hotel, what does that say for the sustainability of the community as a whole.

Where ever in the world a business is based, the community that surrounds it is just as important as any other daily operation. The community helps to provide employees, local produce, crafts, and wealth of cultural history, among many other things. The community is somewhere for clients and guests to go to feel connected to the country they are visiting.

It is the responsibility of the business to nurture community development. Educating school children about recycling waste, teaching the community about reducing water usage, encouraging guests to visit restaurants and shops within the community, and supporting community initiatives are just a few of the ways that businesses can be more aware of their socio-sustainability. After all, the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts.