Club Med: World First with Green Globe Certification

Club Med: World First with Green Globe Certification
January 29, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Club Med is the only all-inclusive resort chain to have 40 properties Green Globe certified in 20 countries and was the first to have its resort villages certified in Japan, Mauritius, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Malaysia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Greece.

Club Med Sahoro in Hokkaido, Japan, Club Med La Plantation d’Albion and La Pointe aux Canonniers in Mauritius, Club Med Skirring in Senegal, Club Med Marrakech in Morocco, Club Med Hammamet in Tunisia, Club Med Cherating in Malaysia, Club Med La Caravellein Guadeloupe, Club Med le Boucaniers in Martinique, Club Med Gregolimano in Greece, were the very first Green Globe certified businesses in their respective countries. Following the corporate Club Med philosophy, all ten resorts have impressed with their innovative approach and outstanding efforts to preserve the environment.

“In 2010 we formed a partnership with the Club Med group, guiding to improve their sustainability performance,” said Guido Bauer, Green Globe’s CEO. “Developing sustainability means developing with maximum respect for the two major challenges of our time – pressure on the planet, and the tension between its citizens. Club Med is playing its part by striving to manage the impact of its activity on these two vital areas in the best possible way. To intensify efforts at grass root level and to ensure implementation of the right actions across the board, Club Med created a specific in-house Sustainable Development Division.”

Club Med resorts are frequently located in remote and unique spots, where energy efficiency and water consumption is a major concern. As a result, Club Med is familiar with developing self-sufficient practices, such as the use of natural ventilation, nighttime watering, or waste water treatment. To protect the environment and avoid polluting its crystal clear waters at La Plantation d’Albion Village, Club Med has built its own plant to treat and recycle waste water. The Jardins Filtrants® filtering gardens system consists of purifying effluents, using a series of aquatic plant beds, and using the treated water for irrigation. The treatment plant is a key part of the resort landscape, as the gardens are filled with strelitzia, mangroves, Madagascar cane, and papyrus, all of which help to purify the waste water.

Over the years, Club Med has established a reputation for supporting the introduction of environmentally-friendly programs throughout their resorts. Waste treatment and recycling initiatives were launched at the Cap Skirring Village in the Casamance region of Senegal in 2007. Prior to that, local authorities provided no waste management process for either hoteliers or local residents.

“Club Med has integrated the Green Globe approach, creating process deployment tools, and training of teams, the ‘Green Globe Trotters’, to structure sustainable development actions across their villages, and work towards certification,” added Mr. Bauer.

About Club Med
The inventor of the holiday club concept, Club Méditerranée is the world leader of all-inclusive vacations. Present in 26 countries, a fine selection of 71 resorts spread out on five continents, and the Club Med 2 Cruiser. It has 13,000 GOs of 100 nationalities. Since 2004, Club Med has been committed to an upscale repositioning strategy to restructure its offering to meet the needs of clients on the lookout for a truly exceptional holiday experience.

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