Cleanplant makes Exclusive Offer to Green Globe Members

Cleanplant makes Exclusive Offer to Green Globe Members
January 28, 2015 Bradley Cox

Green Globe helps its members to become economically and ecologically sustainable and our solution partner for clean energy, Cleanplant, exclusively provides members a feasibility study free of charge. Learn which energy solution fits you best and how much you can save. Cleanplant Solar Power Systems are highly efficient and integrate nicely with the aesthetical appearance of your hotel or resort.

Cleanplant has been certified by Green Globe and is a sustainable service supplier. As a Green Globe certified member they help hotels and resorts and other buildings and enterprises to use the free energy from the sun by designing and installing highly-efficient and tailor-made solar power systems at the most competitive prices.

Exclusively for Green Globe members, Cleanplant offers a feasibility study (worth 500$) free of charge. Your Solar Power Analysis will contain: an examination of your current consumption and requirements, the design of your solar power system according to space availability, system location and system size, a financial analysis with investment and payback period, an estimation of carbon emissions avoidance and a projection of your monthly electricity bills after installing a system. To receive your Solar Power Analysis, get in contact with us on this page

Cleanplant combines German engineering and solar power experience with the convenience of local support and maintenance. Cleanplant installs systems worldwide on villas, hotels, commercial and industrial facilities. Learn more about the solutions they offer and their international projects on

Cleanplant has tailored-made solutions for the tourism sector. These are some of the benefits that hotels and resorts enjoy:

  • You will meet Green Globe’s Certification Criteria D.1.3.4. and D.1.3.5. (Clean energy), and D.1.1.6. (Responsible service supplier)
  • Your electricity costs and dependence on the local energy supplier can be lowered to around 75%
  • The aesthetical appearance of your premises will be preserved
  • Cleanplant takes care of any guarantee compliance with current local regulations


Contact Cleanplant at to discuss the most suitable solution for you!