Circular Business at Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam

Circular Business at Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam
June 12, 2019 Bradley Cox

Conveniently located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Canal District within walking distance of main museums, popular shopping areas and historic landmarks, the Ambassade Hotel spans ten original canal houses built during the 17th century (Amsterdam’s ‘Golden Age’) and retains its classical, historic character and allure. Amsterdam’s Canal District was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010, international recognition of the unique value and beauty of this distinct area.

Green Globe recertified the Ambassade Hotel in April. The property has successfully preserved heritage listed historical architecture whilst keeping abreast with modern technological changes and trends.

As a host in world-heritage, the Ambassade Hotel is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and plays a significant role in the sustainable quality of life in the Canal District. The hotel adheres to a stringent sustainability management plan that includes the monitoring of efficient use of gas, electricity and water and reducing waste volume.

The kitchen at Brasserie Ambassade does not use ingredients from endangered species and is always looking for eco-friendly solutions and naturally grown ingredients as an alternative to products associated with unsustainable practices. Menus are based on seasonal, regional and organic products.

The hotel seeks to promote sustainability awareness amongst guests, staff and suppliers. Guests can opt for ecofriendly transportation services such as booking electronic taxis or purchasing tickets for public transport. Guests can also explore the capital on rental bikes or leisurely stroll on foot. Reception staff can provide information on biking and walking routes to all the various attractions in Amsterdam.

The Ambassade Hotel continues to embrace circular business operations in line with the Netherland’s transition to a circular economy where products and materials are reused and production chains remodeled to minimize waste resources. The hotel is a member of a recently established Circular Hotels Leaders Group and has joined several initiatives in the neighborhood to increase sustainability through collaborations with other companies. The property is also involved with the government and universities working on projects concerning the transportation of people and goods.