Cinnamon Wild Yala: Jungle Resort Saves Leopards

Cinnamon Wild Yala: Jungle Resort Saves Leopards
July 18, 2017 Bradley Cox

Cinnamon Wild Yala sits on the border of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, offering luxury in the wilderness for nature lovers. Crocodile, pelican and deer live in perfect harmony with the wildlife resort and elephants, wild boar and even leopards roam freely at the Park.

Green Globe congratulates Cinnamon Wild Yala on its recent recertification.

With research and conservation of numerous wildlife species including leopards carried out at nearby Yala National Park, protection of biodiversity is of paramount importance at the resort. Cinnamon Wild Yala together with Cinnamon Nature Trails is involved in Project Leopard where steel pens have been donated to local farmers to house their cattle at night to protect them from leopard attacks and thereby reduce the human-leopard conflict. Nature Trails at Cinnamon Wild Yala is also undertaking the identification of leopards within the national park. In addition, training sessions have been conducted for safari jeep drivers on the correct procedures to follow when conducting wildlife safaris. While any new staff at the resort are taken to the Park on safari to give them an appreciation and understanding of the natural environment.

This eco-friendly getaway is also committed to green tourism practices that reduce the property’s environmental footprint. Energy usage is reduced with LED bulbs gradually being installed throughout the entire resort and solar heaters have been fitted to heat water in approximately thirty percent of guest rooms.

The property has a comprehensive recycling and reuse program. Sixty percent of food waste is fed into the resort’s biogas unit and the biogas is then used in the staff kitchen. The remaining food waste is donated to a piggery for animal feed. Furthermore, a sewerage treatment plant processes wastewater removing toxic and hazardous materials. Once fully tested, water is then discharged to irrigate gardens. Vegetables grown in the organic garden become fresh ingredients for resort kitchens.


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