Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives Keeps Up Coral Planting

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives Keeps Up Coral Planting
July 17, 2019 Bradley Cox

Overlooking sparkling tropical turquoise waters, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives is located no more than a 25-minute speedboat ride from Male. Dhonveli’s proximity and diversity combine to make it one of the most popular destinations in the Maldives.

Green Globe recertified Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives earlier this year.

Mr. Sanjeeva Perera, General Manager of CDM said, “Sustainability has emerged as an integrated tool of social, economic and environmental best practices. At Cinnamon Dhonveli, we will remain conscious of the impact we have on the environment and make constant steps to minimize it and continue to help shift towards a green economy. We believe it doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the world we live in. The smallest contribution from each of us can truly make a great difference.”

The resort has launched and implemented several impressive sustainable initiatives over the past year.

Coral planting in the Maldives

Coral reefs in oceans around the world are dying with estimations that nearly one sixth of these reefs will be dead within twenty years. Coral damage is due to many different threats. Some are naturally occurring, caused by large storms and waves while humans, in the form of irresponsible divers and snorkelers also inflict irreparable damage. Corals are organisms that reproduce primarily asexually and grow larger in size or repair damaged areas. In light of this, the resort has initiated its own Environmental and Research Program that is focused on pre-emptive restoration and rejuvenation of reefs affected by coral bleaching.

The resort’s Green Team carried out two phases of coral propagating programs, the most recent in January 2019. The inaugural Coral Planting Program was carried out at the island resort on World Tourism Day, the 27th of September 2018 and CDM is committed to making it one of the most successful artificial coral reef propagation projects in the Maldives. ‘Reef Balls’ were created and are used as artificial reef structures for Mari corals cultured in nurseries and then transplanted on the bare substrate.

The Green Team along with business partners Merids Dive & Relax successfully launched the propagating programs at the resort and were joined by guests, affiliated partners and all staff members. Future plans include the establishment of a Marine Discovery Centre to educate youth and children in coral reef propagation, environmental awareness and sea turtle breeding and rescue.

National Drug Agency of the Maldives Community Award

Social initiatives are often organised and sponsored by the resort to give back to the Maldivian community. On the 2nd of July 2018, an official ceremony to mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2018 was held at the Islamic Center in the Maldives. His Excellency Abdulla Jihad, acting on behalf of National Drug Agency of the Maldives, presented an award of recognition to Mr. Sanjeeva Perera – General Manager of Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives in appreciation of services rendered by the property to rehabilitate youth suffering from drug addiction.

Solar Power

In line with the resort’s energy saving actions, a solar power system was installed in December 2018, which currently generates 1 300 kilo watt hours per day. The solar system, consisting of 800 solar panels, generates 15% percent of the resort’s daily power and energy requirements, saving almost 350 – 400 liters of diesel per day that was previously used to run a generator. The new technology also reduces GHG emissions.

Zero Plastic Policy

The Maldives is currently attempting to regulate and control plastic consumption amongst its communities and in resorts. Recently, a 400% tax was imposed on plastic bags by the Maldives government to deter their use. CDM is taking steps to reduce the usage of plastic and polythene at the property. A Drinking Water Project is in place and the resort aims to set up a drinking water plant with glass bottles in future thereby eliminating plastic bottled water consumption. As part of CDM’s zero plastic policy, paper straws and wooden stirrers are provided to guests on request as plastic ones are gradually phased out. Finally, from November this year the resort will work with Parley – Maldives to responsibly dispose of plastics used in renovation works.

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