Chilean Eco Lodge stands out as a Shining Star of Responsible Tourism

Chilean Eco Lodge stands out as a Shining Star of Responsible Tourism
November 12, 2013 Arton Kabashi

One of Green Globe’s Elite Members, the Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge, located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, Insular Patagonia, in the south of Chile, won the ‘Best for Water Conservation’ category at this year’s Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM in London. The awards celebrate the shining stars of responsible tourism – those ventures around the world that make positive contributions to nature and heritage conservation, and to the economies of local communities.

Water conservation is a ‘hot topic’ in tourism, and this category was especially created to support the United Nations’ International Year for Water Conservation. The judging panel for the World Responsible Tourism Awards was very impressed with Chepu Adventures’ water conservation project. The Eco Lodge uses only rainwater in the bathrooms and kitchen, harvested from the roofs of the lodge and stored in a well and large water tanks. Solar water heaters provide hot water for showers and the kitchen, electricity is provided by wind and solar energy. Visitors can monitor their own water consumption via a computer-fed feedback on the amount of water they are using. If customers keep “within their eco limit” they get a choice of either planting a tree in Patagonia, or receive a discount on their hotel bill.

“All monitored information is kept as part of our statistics, and available to each customer with their individual information at the end of their stay,” said Amory Uslar, Owner of Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge. “This information allows guests to learn how to keep their savings at home and continue with the environmentally friendly practices, discuss and compare with friends and family, and spread awareness. Implementing this innovative solution at our Eco Lodge has resulted in dramatic savings of water and energy, allowing us to stay within sustainability limits day after day. The current ratio of water usage per guest is 95 liters per day, compared to 300 – 500 liters per day, per guest prior to utilizing our system.”

Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge has promoted low-impact tourism as a profitable and auto-sustainable economic alternative for years. An outstanding commitment to environmental practices on all levels, combined with the drive to continuously improve and align with sustainable being, make this lodge a showcase for a true eco-experience.

“We are delighted about this prestigious recognition,” added Amory Uslar. “Sustainability to us is not only our way of life – it is our passion!”

About Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge
Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge is located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, at the southern tip of Chile. It is a three-hour flight from Santiago to Chiloe, bus, taxi and ferry service is available to get to the island. The property features 4 cabanas and 2 shared dormis, all with a great view over Chepu River Valley and River Puntra, completely surrounded by nature. Guests can enjoy home cuisine with local products and organic vegetables grown by neighboring farmers. Self-guided adventure tours, such as ‘kayak at dawn’ or ‘kayak during the day’, discovering surprising scenery, are available. The eco systems at Chepu are formed by rivers, wetland, forest and the Pacific Ocean coast, providing a wide biodiversity, and a wide variety of birds – a paradise for bird watching! Chepu has been defined as a reliable spot for southern river otters, the world’s rarest otters. Chepu Adventures offers a unique experience, in a stunning setting, for those looking for Eco Travel in Chiloe.

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