Chepu Adventures Ecolodge Sharing Nature To Preserve Nature

Chepu Adventures Ecolodge Sharing Nature To Preserve Nature
August 14, 2015 Bradley Cox

The award winning Chepu Adventures Ecolodge is located on the magical and scenic Chiloé Island, the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago off the coast of Chile. The property offers eco-friendly lodging where visitors can enjoy nature and at the same time protect the environment. Guests can take part in low impact eco-activities such as kayaking, hiking and bird watching in the company of a diverse range of wildlife including birds, pudús (South American deer) and river otters.

Green Globe congratulates Chepu Adventures Ecolodge on its recent recertification for the third year running and on its magnificent compliance score of 95% against accredited criteria.

Amory Uslar, owner and host at Chepu Adventures Ecolodge said, “We feel that sharing nature is a way to preserve it: If you know it, you love it – when you love it, you take care of it!”

This simple philosophy defines the solutions, vision, innovation and drive undertaken by Amory and her husband Fernando to constantly improve sustainable practices at their property. Daily operations include the responsible management of resources. Electricity is harnessed through a combination of renewable energy resources – the sun and wind. Solar heaters provide hot water for showers while solar panels generate electricity. In addition, wind turbines supply energy during the Winter.

As part of Chepu Adventure’s water saving initiatives, rainwater is treated through a ground filtration system. And water stored in a 16,000 liter well and two 5,000 liter tanks. To further reduce water consumption guests are invited to take part in Chepu Adventure’s Eco-challenge where they limit their water usage by taking short showers. Furthermore, guests can also limit their energy usage by unplugging appliances when not charging them or avoiding the use of high wattage equipment such as hair dryers. Once a visitor meets the Eco-challenge targets, the lodge then plants a tree in Patagonia in their honor.

The property has an Interactive Sustainable System where water and electricity usage is monitored in real time by a centralized computer system. Guests can also access their individual water and energy usage online through iPads in the comfort of their own room. Chepu Adventures Ecolodge has accredited the dramatic fall in overall water usage to this integrated and interactive system. Also, the data recorded serves to raise awareness amongst guests as to how their basic daily activities impact on the environment.

To reduce its carbon footprint, restaurants offer meals created from local organic produce. And guests are provided with sterilized, filtered water in reusable bottles. Other environmentally friendly programs at the property include the recycling of waste and composting. Finally, paperless procedures have been implemented where fingerprints are taken during check in and all receipting is sent via email.

The property’s Interactive Sustainability System is featured on the Green Globe video


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