Château Saint-Martin & Spa: Sustainable Luxury and Biodiversity

Château Saint-Martin & Spa: Sustainable Luxury and Biodiversity
September 13, 2017 Bradley Cox

Château Saint-Martin & Spa is situated in a 32-acre estate in Vence, France. The hotel offers guests a service of excellence whilst respecting the unique biodiversity of its natural surrounds which includes a 14-hectare park and an olive grove with more than 280 century-old olive trees.

Green Globe recently recertified Château Saint-Martin & Spa for the sixth consecutive year.

The area boasts remarkable fauna and flora that is preserved by the sustainable actions taken by this dedicated hotel, in particular the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Team. Château Saint-Martin & Spa works in partnership with the French Bird Protection League (L.P.O) of the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region to maintain a rare population of owls. This organization monitors owl (Athene noctua) populations, studies habitats where they live and distributes nesting boxes to attract couples to agricultural areas

To protect biodiversity, 15 nesting boxes and 4 beehives were set up within the property last year. In addition, through the workshops of the Nature Club of the L.P.O the school children of Vence are educated about local plants and wildlife. All children who visit the hotel can participate in and enjoy fun, stimulating activities that aim to raise awareness about protecting the environment.

Château St. Martin & Spa offers guests the choice of electric and BlueTEC (gas filtration) vehicles for trips and transfers thereby reducing their environmental footprint. In addition, restaurants serve gastronomic creations using seasonal organic fruit and vegetables and products sourced from local farms. Fresh herbs and vegetables are grown in an onsite kitchen garden initiated by the CSR Team.

As part of their social responsibilities, the Château Saint-Martin & Spa raises funds and donates to humanitarian associations such as the Red Cross each year.


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