Château Saint-Martin & Spa Certified GOLD

Château Saint-Martin & Spa Certified GOLD
September 27, 2016 Bradley Cox

The Château Saint-Martin & Spa in Vence, France proudly announces that it was recently awarded Green Globe’s Gold Status for five years of continuous certification.

Julie Poirot, CSR Regional Manager at Château Saint-Martin & Spa said,” When customers come to our establishment, the ethic is essential. As a luxury hotel, we must be exemplary at all levels – in the quality of service, our employees working conditions, the protection of our environment and our relationship with our stakeholders. Only when those conditions are pooled together can our clients enjoy a unique experience, beyond their own expectations.”csm1

Since 2010, the Château Saint-Martin & Spa has established numerous eco-responsible projects. In 2013, this led to the property being elected as a ‘Biodiversity Refuge’ by the L.P.O. (French Bird Protection League). This award particularly related to the installation of bird nesting boxes and beehives in the property’s park. The hotel now has 15 nesting boxes and 4 hives that produce honey. During the spring and summer months, employees of the Château Saint-Martin & Spa are given the opportunity to meet the beekeepers in charge of the hives. Staff members learn first hand about the production of honey that is collected directly from the hives and served for breakfast to clients.

At the beginning of the 2016 season, informative and educational signs were placed around the hotel’s 14-hectare park, to identify the many different species of fauna and flora waiting to be discovered. This includes an olive grove consisting of more than 280 century-old olive trees. The olives collected during harvest time are transported to the Moulin St Cézaire sur Siagne, where they are pressed to produce a very distinctive olive oil.olive-oil

This year’s project for the Green Team was the creation of an aromatic garden. Chocolate mint, mint, chives, purple basil, Thai basil, verbena, nasturtium, thyme, lemon thyme, parsley, curly parsley, oregano, tomatoes, lemons, and mini vegetables are grown in the garden. The fresh herbs and vegetables are used as ingredients in regional culinary dishes created in the hotel’s kitchens.

Another new addition to the Château Saint-Martin & Spa is the farm located next to the Kids Club, providing guests and kids with a unique experience. This summer children staying at the Château Saint-Martin & Spa welcomed the opportunity to visit the farm and interact with the goats, rabbits, and chickens. It was a delightful and fun way for them to get in touch with nature.

gold-logoSocial initiatives remain an area of importance for the hotel. The Château Saint-Martin & Spa is dedicated to humanitarian causes and provides each visitor with a ‘Giving Bag’. This bag can be filled with any clothing and shoes that guests do not want to take back in their luggage. Every donation made is then offered to the local Croix-Rouge (Red Cross Society in France), a charitable organisation that helps people in need.



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