Celebrating Earth Day at Galley Bay

Celebrating Earth Day at Galley Bay
May 4, 2016 Arton Kabashi

In commemoration of Earth Day 2016 and our commitment to environmental protection, Galley Bay Resort & Spa is hosting several events throughout the month for both our guests and community under the theme “Trees for the Earth – Reducing our Carbon Footprint,” led by Environmental Coordinator Christine Young.


A birding tour hosted by well known birding veteran, Junior Prosper, kicked off the events last Wednesday, 13th April. Guests received binoculars and a bird chart and learned how to identify birds based on habitat and the sounds they make. There are over 45 species of birds, some of which are migratory, that call Galley Bay Resort & Spa their home.

Guests participate in a birding tour, led by Junior Prosper

On Saturday, we hosted a beach cleanup at Hawksbill Beach and neighboring plot of land. About 36 people came to help, including the Five Islands youngsters team, and we recovered 7 large plastic bags of garbage weighing over 30lbs!!!

Beach cleanup at Hawksbill Beach, led by Galley Bay’s Christine Young

Mangroves are an important part of our ecosystem and they assist with shoreline stability, as well as providing a habitat for birds and fish. There are four types of mangroves that guests and students were able to see – red mangrove, black mangroves, white mangroves and button wood mangroves. Students from the Golden Grove Primary School were able to identify the various types of mangroves, understand their importance to the ecosystem and ways in which they can be protected.

Students from Golden Grove Primary School identify mangroves

Later in the month, Galley Bay Resort and Spa partnered with the Environment Division in a tree planting initiative for two schools – the Golden Grove Primary School and the Five Islands Primary School. We planted about six fruit trees, ranging from golden apple, sweet tamarind, avocado and guava to name a few.

Tree planting at Five Islands Primary School

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