Catalonia Royal Bavaro: Community Goodwill in the Dominican Republic

Catalonia Royal Bavaro: Community Goodwill in the Dominican Republic
August 30, 2017 Bradley Cox

Josmery Santana, Head of Quality & Environment at Catalonia Royal Bavaro, shares their best practices that are fundamental to the wellbeing of this tight knit community.

Catalonia Royal Bavaro is located in Playas de Bavaro (Punta Cana) in the Dominican Republic.

Social initiatives sponsored by Catalonia Hotels & Resorts provide a much needed lifeline for local residents. Every year at Christmas time, a special lunch is organised for approximately one hundred and fifty children from Orfanato Niño y Niñas en Cristo, a local orphanage. Each child is also presented with a Christmas gift in the spirit of the season. Last year, around forty staff volunteered to spread a little Christmas cheer by celebrating and playing with the children during this happy event.

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts also gives back to the local community by supporting the “Build a House for Your Family” initiative that rewards dedicated staff members for their valued service. The purpose of the annual project is to ensure that individual employees receive decent housing thereby improving living standards for various families. Assistance includes construction work and interior design, installation of new bathrooms and kitchens and furniture.

EcoCat, an ecological group, was originally founded in 2010 by the team at Catalonia Royal Bávaro and Catalonia Bávaro in order to reduce consumption of water and electricity, and minimize the negative impacts of resort operations on the environment.

“Through our Ecocat team we try to minimize our impact on the environment by performing ecological activities where we involve internal and external clients to raise awareness,” said Josmery Santana.

To commemorate World Environment day, the Ecocat team organized a beach cleanup of areas near the hotel with fellow staff members. The aim of the activity was to raise awareness about good ecological practices that benefit all.


Josmery Santana
Head of Quality & Environment
Catalonia Royal Bávaro
Cabeza de Toro – Punta Cana
La Altagracia
Bávaro 23000
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