Cardiff Hotel & Spa and HEART join local JET set for Environmental Good

Cardiff Hotel & Spa and HEART join local JET set for Environmental Good
October 27, 2015 Bradley Cox

The Heart College of Hospitality Services (HCHS) conducts training programs at the Cardiff Hotel & Spa in Jamaica. HCHS offers high levels of training in hotel and restaurant management and hospitality. The institution networks with other international training institutions in the United States and Canada and is engaged with other renowned local hotels including Jewel Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios, Grand Bahai Principe Riu, and Couples San Soucci to provide students with practical and comprehensive training.

Green Globe congratulates Cardiff Hotel & Spa and HEART College of Hospitality Services on its second recertification and achieving a notable score of 81% against accredited criteria.

Dr. Janet Dyer, Director Principal at HCHS said, “The Cardiff Hotel & Spa Green Globe Certification is an on-going program of continuous improvements in sustainable operations and management. The institution has over the years continued its drive for sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, and this certification is a testament to the continuous process of improvement.”

Cardiff Hotel & Spa utilizes energy efficient lighting to minimize its use of energy. To reduce its energy consumption a reduction target has been set at 5%. Currently, 85% of the lighting at the property is energy efficient and there are plans to upgrade and deploy more LED lighting throughout the hotel in the future. Motion sensors and photocells are also installed around the property.

Water consumption is monitored on a monthly basis and a 5% reduction target set for the year. Low flow aerators and low flush toilets are installed in bathrooms with plans to upgrade to dual flush systems in the future. In addition, native and tropical plants and vegetation are planted in gardens, green areas and on golf courses to further conserve water.

There is a strong and robust program to ensure that all HEART Trainees are aware of a number of environmental issues. To reduce waste volume recycling bins are placed in public areas and trainees as well as guests are encouraged to use them through the in-room directory and signage. Furthermore, eco-friendly amenities are used in guest rooms, public bathrooms and the spa. Also, the hotel has a take back policy in place where food deliveries are made in reusable containers and trays. And scraps from the kitchens are used for compost to fertilize herb and vegetable gardens.

To support the regional economy the hotel encourages guests to visit and experience Jamaica. Local arts and crafts are displayed in main areas of the hotel, rooms and for purchase in the gift shop. While the hotel’s kitchens source organic ingredients from local producers.

The Cardiff Hotel & Spa is constantly involved in educating the wider community as it works with the Jamaica Environmental Trust Team (JET) Network. The training that the trainees receive thereby influences the wider community as they move out to various facilities in the world of work. Hotel staff and trainees work alongside community stakeholders to regularly clean up local beaches. HEART trainees are also involved in a variety of community projects that in the past year included the painting of Hoolebury Primary school and donating school and recreational resources to both Salem Basic and Hoolebury Primary Schools. Donations of care packages were also made to the residents at the St Ann’s Bay infirmary in addition to grooming of the residents by staff and trainees. The hotel also empowers community members by providing training in hospitality services.




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