Camping La Fontaine du Hallate: Still the First in Implementing Green Changes

Camping La Fontaine du Hallate: Still the First in Implementing Green Changes
July 1, 2020 Bradley Cox

Camping La Fontaine du Hallate is the only campsite certified by Green Globe in the world. The campgrounds are located on 3 hectares in the heart of the regional natural park of the Gulf of Morbihan, where campers are welcomed by birds, butterflies, deer, flowers and good humour.

Green Globe certified Camping La Fontaine du Hallate for the sixth year at the end of 2019. With Summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, we revisit the campgrounds and take a look at some of their impressive best practices.

Devoted to nature and biodiversity, sustainable development is part of day to day life at this inspiring campground. Claude Le Gloanic and his wife Elisabeth own and manage this unique charming French eco-establishment with the help of family members.

Energy & Water Management

Energy and water consumption are monitored regularly with increased data collected during peak Summer periods. A total of 276m² of photovoltaic panels installed on bathroom and toilet facilities and on the camping equipment storage sheds generate up to three times the needs of the campgrounds.

Water usage is limited with the use of water pressure reducing valves and low flow valves while rainwater is collected to clean mobile homes and floors. Wastewater from showers, sinks, toilets, sinks, linen and mobile homes is treated using a phytoextraction, a natural process that sanitises wastewater rather than using energy. Grey and black water passes through a series of screens and filters including a volcanic rock filter to remove physical objects and fine particles. The resulting clear water is then collected in a ditch planted with wicker and wetland plants to remove dangerous elements and compounds and used to irrigate green areas.

Permaculture Gardens

A permaculture garden was established in 2018 that provide a range of fresh vegetables and herbs for sumptuous meals cooked for campers. Plans are in place for a new training centre to be completed in 2021 where guests can learn how to apply simple and natural methods of production in their own gardens.

Zero Waste Goals

Bins are located onsite for the collection of organic matter, coffee and tea waste that is combined with leaf litter during the winter to fertilize the garden. Menhircomposters have been created where campers can deposit their green waste to break down into compost. Other bins are in place for the collection of waste such as leftover bread that is fed to two goats living at the campground and another for batteries and wastepaper. Both staff and campers have contributed to reducing general trash from 3.2 litres/night to less than 2 litres over 3 years. It is hoped in future that the campground with the help of its guests will eventually reach zero waste status.

Camping La Fontaine du Hallate have been busy preparing for Summer visitors. For further information please see Camping La Fontaine du Hallate’s approach to Sustainable Tourism  or visit their website for bookings.