Camping La Fontaine du Hallate: Exceptional Green Standards

Camping La Fontaine du Hallate: Exceptional Green Standards
December 5, 2017 Bradley Cox

Camping La Fontaine du Hallate located in southern Brittany, was the first camping ground in the world to be certified by Green Globe. Eco-travellers can choose to either pitch their tents or stay in eco-lodge style accommodation. The Gulf of Morbihan is a relaxing stroll away where visitors can enjoy water activities such as fishing and boating or collect mussels, clams and periwinkles for campsite meals. The area also features megalithic sites waiting to be explored.

Green Globe recently recertified Camping La Fontaine du Hallate and awarded it an exceptional compliance score of 91%.

Owners and managers Claude and Elizabeth le Gloanic have ensured that the conservation of biodiversity and protection of ecosystems and landscapes are at the forefront of all sustainable development. The natural environment is home to abundant wildlife including birds, animals and butterflies. With this in mind surrounding vegetation has been retained while new plantations and embankments have been created using native grasses and local plant species.

Effective resource management includes the use of solar panels to generate energy and heating for hot water, a rainwater recovery system and a water purification system. While visual displays placed at reception, along the paths and in key areas around the grounds encourage guests to act responsibly. Furthermore, to assist with the segregation of waste, recycling bins and composting bins are situated around the property.

To boost economic activity in the region, the sale of locally made baked goods and meals are sold at the camping ground. In addition, local businesses are promoted that produce coffee, cider, apple juice and flowers.


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