Blue Horizons Garden Resort Preserves Nature in Grenada

Blue Horizons Garden Resort Preserves Nature in Grenada
October 4, 2017 Bradley Cox

Blue Horizons Garden Resort is an award winning resort that lies within a lush tropical landscape, tucked away on a sloping hillside in Grenada within walking distance of Grand Anse Beach.

Green Globe recently recertified Blue Horizons Garden Resort and awarded the property a high compliance score of 86%.

The resort offers 32 self-contained spacious rooms with modern amenities and gardens that sprawl over 6¼ acres. Blue Horizons has planted native trees, foliage and flowers to create a nature friendly haven that is home to 27 tropical birds species and 49 species of moths. New green spaces are being developed with over 2000 new plants being planted within the grounds.

Green initiatives include the changeover to energy saving light bulbs, 90% of the property now has LED lighting resulting in an 85% reduction in electricity usage for lighting at night. Efficient energy saving measures already in place such as solar powered hot water systems and eco-friendly air-conditioning units will be supplemented with the installation of additional inverter air-conditioners.

Water usage is regularly monitored and gravity fed water storage and rainwater collection ensure that this precious resource is used effectively. In addition, drought resistant plants and shrubs feature in the gardens to conserve water reserves.

Blue Horizons Garden Resort proudly promotes Grenadian culture and heritage. To support local farms and businesses, kitchens incorporate local seafood and produce in creative culinary dishes.

In the community, Blue Horizons is actively involved in supporting the Dorothy Hopkins Home and donates bedding and other items of care to assist residents -children and adults who are mentally and physically challenged.

View Green Globe’s videos of Kendra Hopkin-Stewart , Deputy Managing Director at Blue Horizons Garden Resort and Arnold Hopkin, the resort’s owner.


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