Better and Greener Langoed ISVW Recertified for Second Year

Better and Greener Langoed ISVW Recertified for Second Year
September 2, 2020 Bradley Cox

Langoed ISVW, Leusden, Netherlands, is a striking informal conference hotel set within a 6-hectare forest. The main building was first established in 1917 and the other building, De Kuilen features Scandinavian style architecture. Total meeting room capacity at the estate can cater for up to 637 people.

Green Globe recently recertified Langoed ISVW for the second year in a row.

Surrounded by nature, the hotel attaches great importance toward respecting the environment and raising awareness amongst guests of best practices.

The hotel’s Sustainability Management Plan is available on the property’s website. The ISVW believes that hospitality goes hand in hand with business and invests in environmentally friendly practices that will make the hotel, restaurant and meeting rooms better and greener.

The ISVW conducts an annual CO2 analysis to monitor and control its greenhouse gas emissions that includes gathering data, setting reduction target and devising action plans. Energy saving measures include solar panels to heat hot water, installation of high efficiency boilers and the use of LED lighting, timers and sensors.

To raise awareness regarding sustainable choices, guests are encouraged to use transport that produces little or no pollution such as catching the shuttle bus to travel to and from Amersfoort station, bicycle rental, charging points for electric cars and information is available about OV bicycles, the public bike sharing system.

Environmental conservation efforts are varied as the ISVW has been designated as a protector of the ‘Utrecht Landscape’. To foster biodiversity, an ‘adopt a tree campaign was organized in 2018 where more than 100 trees and shrubs were planted on the property. In addition, to attract wildlife to the area, the property in collaboration with the Philadelphia Foundation set up approximately 50 bird nest boxes which now hang on site and a beehive was also established within the ISVW grounds to help establish new bee colonies. Several walking routes have also been especially made for the ISVW where guests can enjoy the tranquil surroundings.