Best Practices at Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort

Best Practices at Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort
August 22, 2017 Bradley Cox

Magda Cerda, Head of Hygiene and Quality Control and Director of the EcoCat team at Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort in the Dominican Republic details environmental initiatives implemented at the resort and shares their sustainability vision for the future.

Through environmental and economic policy commitments, resort colleagues, guests and suppliers take part in actions beneficial to the environment. An ecological group, EcoCat was originally founded in 2010 by the team at Catalonia Bávaro and Catalonia Royal. Grupo Ecologico Ecocat’s motto is “A Team Working for Our Future” and the group is dedicated to continuous improvements not only within the facilities of the Catalonia complex but by also contributing to nearby communities.

Magda Cerda says: “The only way to keep our planet from deteriorating further is to involve everyone. Each person can make a difference. Do not let others do it, do your part! The planet earth is waiting for you!”

Various environmental initiatives are regularly planned to coincide with annual ecological celebrations and a video has been produced to educate others about the resort’s eco-friendly actions. This year in April, three Earth Day events were organised to bring people together and raise awareness about caring for the natural areas surrounding the resort. Fifty-two staff members including the Director of the Hotel Josep Castellnou along with several team leaders participated in cleaning the road that leads from the resort to public beaches that are lined with several mangrove areas. The day consisted of collecting disposable saucers, glass and cardboard that had been discarded.

Tree planting also took place in the gardens of the resort attended by groups of guests. The activity commenced with a short talk about environmental awareness, led by Mr. William Calderon, one of EcoCat’s directors.

Tasting Detox Juice, another fun Earth Day activity led by the resort’s chef Mr. Ramón Almanzar with a presentation conducted by Mr. Fernando Recio, gave guests the opportunity to learn how to prepare detox juices. Guests enjoyed delicious juices which are totally natural and very beneficial to one’s health and were also rewarded with T-shirts emblazened with the EcoCat logo.

Last September, forty-five people were involved in the International Day Beach Cleanup. Magda Cerda, the director of EcoCat, was joined by supplier managers from Residues Ecoservices Dominicana, Managers of the Pest Control Fumigadora el Siglo, community members and hotel staff, to clean up the coastal area belonging to the community of Cabeza de Toro. The objective of the beach clean up was to raise awareness amongst local residents about the importance of preserving beaches as they are the main source of employment for those working in the fishing, handicrafts and tourism industries. Two hundred pounds of waste including glass, plastic and cardboard were collected.

“We are very proud and satisfied to be part of a team that helps to conserve the life of our planet,” concluded Magda Cerda.


Magda Cerda
Head of Hygiene and Quality Control

Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort
Cabeza de Toro – Punta Cana
La Altagracia
Bávaro 23000
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