Bertrams Guldsmeden Wants You To Waste Not in Denmark

Bertrams Guldsmeden Wants You To Waste Not in Denmark
June 18, 2016 Bradley Cox

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden is an eco-friendly boutique hotel located in Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. Originally built in the 1880s, the hotel features cozy, intimate surrounds with a courtyard that offers a peaceful respite for guests. The Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens are within a fifteen minute walk. And the Frederiksberg Palace, a Baroque residence, and Frederiksberg Gardens are a kilometer away.

Green Globe recently recertified Bertrams Guldsmeden for the fourth year in a row.

Nikolas Hall, Owner of Bertrams Guldsmeden said, “We’re pleased and proud to have again achieved re-certification with Green Globe. We strive on improving our performance from year to year and appreciate the effort that goes into continuously updating the criteria and making them relevant on a worldwide basis. This authenticity means a great deal to all members and colleagues of the Guldsmeden Hotels community, and we value knowing that Green Globe leaves no stone unturned.”

Bert2The Guldsmeden Hotel Group is very committed to sustainability. Bertrams Guldsmeden prides itself on its official Golden Ø label which all Guldsmeden Hotels properties have received. The Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture regulates the Ø Label, and the Golden Ø is only given to restaurants that use over 90% of organic produce.

“In 2016 our hotel’s results were a whopping 99.9%, reinforcing our strong belief that this is the ONLY way to go!” added Mr Hall.

The hotel’s extensive food waste program the “Love Food, Hate Waste” policy is printed on restaurant napkins. The aim of the message is to raise awareness and spark discussions regarding sustainability amongst guests. In the kitchen and café leftover bread is used for toast or as an ingredient in muesli as part of clever reuse practices that are incorporated in daily operations. Any food waste, of which there is very little due to the waste management plan, is collected by DAKA ReFood which uses it to make biofuel and biodiesel.

In 2015, general waste reduction was another priority with the property reducing outgoing garbage by over 20%. This was done in collaboration with suppliers by requesting the use of less and reusable packaging. It was also noted that there has been a significant decrease in waste collected from rooms despite increasing occupancy levels. This indicates that guests are actively participating in reducing waste. As a small hotel with a staff of seven, the Bertrams Guldsmeden’s team interact closely with visitors. Through their work all employees are aware of the sustainable contributions they can make each day and encourage guests to also act responsibly. For example, Front Desk staff ask guests not to throw out unwanted shopping bags that they have acquired as the bags can be reused.

bert5The use of eco-certified products are preferred whenever possible at the hotel. This has led to Guldsmeden Hotels creating its own line of environmentally friendly amenities. The ILoveEcoEssentials beauty range consists of organic soaps and body wash, oils, shampoos and creams. For guests, these complimentary amenities are available in all rooms along with eco-toothbrushes.

Finally, in line with Bertrams Guldsmeden’s maintenance program all TVs have been changed to more energy efficient units. Old and disused TVs were disposed of in a proper manner while others were donated to a charitable cause. Lighting fixtures are another area of focus, LED bulbs are used throughout the property that have resulted in significant savings. While water reduction targets have also been achieved by installing water saving faucets and showerheads in guest rooms.


Nikolas Hall
Host & Hotelier
Bertrams Guldsmeden
Vesterbrogade 107
1620 Copenhagen V
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