Barceló Occidental at Xcaret Destination: Preserving Nature and Mayan Culture

Barceló Occidental at Xcaret Destination: Preserving Nature and Mayan Culture
March 17, 2021 Bradley Cox

Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Barceló Occidental at Xcaret Destination is an all-inclusive resort surrounded by natural beauty. The stunning complex features lush gardens, riverbed formations and a private beach with soft white sand and tropical palm trees.

Green Globe recently recertified Barceló Occidental at Xcaret Destination.

“We are very happy to be certified by Green Globe once again. At Occidental at Xcaret Destination we are committed to the environment, that is why we are very aware of the environmental impact that our activities may have. Our best practices always take this responsibility into account as we endeavor to incorporate sustainability into our operations and lifestyle,” said Diley Álvarez Aquino, Quality and Health Protocols Manager at the resort.

For Occidental at Xcaret Destination, environmental protection and promotion of the local culture are of equal importance for the preservation of local biodiversity and historical sites as well as future regional development.

Protecting the Environment

Occidental at Xcaret Destination has a great respect for the flora and fauna of the region. The property maintains the natural habitat of the area with a number of protected areas situated within the resort grounds. Native trees and plants flourish here and native fauna live freely at the resort including deer, iguanas and spider monkeys. Staff members take great pride in taking guests on ecological tours around the property to discover these amazing creatures and plant life.

Mayan and Mexican Culture

Mayan Culture is promoted by the resort in appreciation of its ancient roots. Occidental at Xcaret Destination is situated in a very privileged area where ruins that were built by the Mayans are located inside the resort grounds. In addition, every afternoon a canoe tour with representatives of the Mayan Culture travels on the river to the Mexican Show that takes place at the Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park nearby. Mayan rituals and customs such as Mayan ball games are highlighted during the show. Folk dances of each state of the Mexican Republic are also performed.

Water Conservation

To reduce water consumption, the resort has invested in its own wastewater treatment plant. The resort takes advantage of its location by collecting rainwater within onsite wells. The rainwater and wastewater from the resort are transformed at the wastewater treatment plant into clean water that is reused in the irrigation of resort gardens.


Diley Álvarez Aquino
Quality and Health Protocols Manager
Occidental at Xcaret Destination

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