Barceló Huatulco Working Together in the Community

Barceló Huatulco Working Together in the Community
May 20, 2020 Bradley Cox

The Barceló Huatulco is an all inclusive hotel located in Tangolunda Bay, the largest of the 9 bays in Huatulco. Its 351 rooms are decorated in warm colors and feature all the necessary services so you can feel at home just a few steps from the sea with unbeatable views of the bay or the hotel’s spectacular gardens.

Green Globe recertified Barceló Huatulco in March with the property receiving a high compliance score of 86%.

Hotel management is committed to its sustainability vision and involved with improving the property’s overall performance. Furthermore, the hotel’s Green Team has established firm relationships within the community so that actions are carried out and easily developed.

Sustainable Operations

Both management and operations teams work closely together in order to meet green standards. A comprehensive communication strategy is in place and includes steering committees, employee forums and customer feedback programs where staff and/or customers can contribute toward policy and managerial decisions. Internally, all employees are provided with information regarding best practices during their induction period, via visual aids and the intranet while externally, guests and the community are invited to participate in various activities that support green actions.

The majority of employees are local residents who work within all levels of the hotel. In addition, Green Team members represent the different hotel departments and are in charge of coordinating activities related to certification as well as beach clean-up committees and establishing collaboration agreements with the local hotel association.

Energy & Water Management

Energy consumption is reviewed monthly and compared each year with previous yearly results. A report is compiled and then sent to each company manager. Energy expenditure is examined and based on this data, clear goals can be set to reduce energy usage in specific areas. To save water, the property monitors water usage and has established water reduction targets while treated wastewater is used to irrigate gardens and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, the hotel has carried out a detailed study of its CO2 emissions.

Eco-friendly suppliers are preferred and raising environmental awareness amongst staff members is achieved during day to day operations or through conducting workshops. In one activity, staff were asked about possible alternatives to eliminate the use of waxed coffee cups or to find compostable or biodegradable substitutes. Sustainability initiatives help staff develop a better understanding of green actions and pave the way for new approaches to be introduced.

Community Initiatives

In line with its social initiatives, Barceló Huatulco makes food donations to various institutions for their staff dining rooms. The hotel also provides meals for staff and volunteers who participate in beach, river and road cleaning programs. Barceló Huatulco also collaborates with other hotels in the area to provide food for disadvantaged children.

The property supports community programs through the donation of linen, electrical appliances and toys amongst other items. Furthermore, retired towels and linen are reused or made into tablecloths, rugs and cleaning rags while retired bedspreads are mainly reused and sewn to make pillow cases.

Barceló Huatulco is scheduled to reopen on 1 July 2020 as Covid 19 restrictions are eased. For further information please see the hotel’s website at