Atlantis Submarines Lights Up the Night Reefs of Barbados

Atlantis Submarines Lights Up the Night Reefs of Barbados
December 23, 2016 Bradley Cox

Guest Article by Robert Hinds – Atlantis Submarines.

One awesome planet: the mysteries of which we have yet to fully unveil.

One vital challenge: protect and cherish our planet so we can pass this wondrous cornucopia of beauty, mystery, sustenance, shelter, air, water and life itself onto future generations.

One efficient plan: Learn, explore, protect; repeat.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados and its head office in Vancouver, are committed each year to improving the efficiencies of the operation. Through use of emergent technology and knowledge gathered we enable exploration of the marvels beneath the crest of the waves in ways that are both sustainable and energy efficient. Our every goal is to create a foot print that is ever elusive and forever intangible.

  This year’s improvements were accomplished in part due to upgrading equipment technology used on Atlantis XV in Barbados, to include more energy efficient motors and motor controllers. In addition the halogen underwater lights were replaced with L.E.D lights reducing its energy usage and carbon footprint while increasing the light output.

In technical terms the submarine’s lights are now saving 7.2KW/hour and the lumen output has increased to 300,000 Lm, that is an additional 20,000 lumens at 5600K. Simply put they are brighter and use way less power.

So, on the dawn of the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ independence, we invite guests aboard Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) as we re-launch our night dives. Come journey beneath the waves by twilight and watch entranced as the view segues naturally and breathtakingly into the world of Atlantis by night. The island’s flag boasts the trident of the sea god Neptune as such it’s fitting we invite islanders and visitors alike to visit Neptune’s domain, where by twilight the diurnal fish do their last feeding, the reef teems with activity as schools of fish and lone predators play hide and seek – yes, one seeks safety the other prey, but so forever will be the circle of life.

View of wreck showing L.E.D lights

Imagine if you will this age old play staged on the breathtaking beauty of a Caribbean reef resplendent with life, and as the setting sun dips below the horizon and dark crawls across the waters your front row seat is guaranteed. The Atlantis slinks toward the reef just in time for the live action to be illuminated in gorgeous L.E.D. At the edge of light we glimpse hunter and prey dancing the forever dance. Then stay glued to your seat as nocturnal inhabitants emerge in this fascinating world: the unusual basket star fish; moray eels; stingrays; and the occasional big grouper. Barracudas can be seen day and night and recently their prowls an unwanted predator beautiful in appearance and not of these oceans, deadly to fish and man …the lion fish. Their magnificent mane of feathers, comes in many colors, and they can be seen hunting both day and night.

The beauty and amazing sights do not end here; your 30 minute sail back to shore comes with finger foods for the tasting and the pulsating rhythms of island music as the deejay pumps up the sensation of island life. There is an opportunity to mingle with the staff and ask questions, finding out all the little details that you may have wondered about as you took in the magnificent sights below, and on a moon high night the dance of light across the waters is no small wonder in itself. A breath taking view for couples to reflect on the romance such tranquil beauty extracts from within. Atlantis Submarines by Night a wonder of Barbados on the cusp of historic Bridgetown.

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