art’otel Amsterdam Fuses Art, Life and TREEs

art’otel Amsterdam Fuses Art, Life and TREEs
August 1, 2018 Bradley Cox

The iconic and historic art’otel seamlessly fuses art and life in the heart of cosmopolitan Amsterdam. The atmosphere is one of creativity and inspiration where guests are exposed to a myriad of artistic experiences.

Green Globe recently recertified art’otel Amsterdam for the second consecutive year.

“We are proud to have received the Green Globe certification again this year. Every day of the year, we focus on improvements in our sustainability performance and achieving a high level of awareness about our CSR efforts!” said Bart van Elden, 
Executive Housekeeper at Park Plaza Victoria & art’otel Amsterdam.

Reception Area at art’otel Amsterdam

The hotel always considers the changing needs of guests as well as the physical and social environment in which it operates. The art’otel has devised its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy entitled TREE – Total Responsibility for Everyone’s Environment. The hotel is committed to reducing consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste and CO2 emissions, and supports staff learning and development opportunities.

To limit energy usage, a new Priva Business Management System (BMS) has been installed equipped with energy saving functions that can calculate temperature settings based on the previous day’s temperatures. This enables the BMS to effectively control the amount of hot or cool air accordingly in individual rooms and areas.

A dedicated Green Team, comprised of staff members from various departments, has been attending Green Globe training sessions that contribute toward long term solutions. The hotel is busy developing an art’otel app that will reduce the amount of paper used by guests and within hotel operations. In addition, the use of plastic straws has now been eliminated.

Each year, as part of its CSR activities, the Management Team visits De Rietvinck, a home for the elderly, where they cater for approximately seventy-five people.

“We had a nice evening again this year,” added Mr van Elden. “With a BBQ, drinks and a tombola (a raffle) where the residents won small sustainable prizes donated by the hotel. There were a lot of happy faces!”


Bart van Elden
Executive Housekeeper Park Plaza Victoria & art’otel amsterdam
art’otel amsterdamPrins Hendrikkade
Amsterdam 33
1012 TM
T: +31 20 719 7200