Antsanitia Resort Sustainable Integrated Tourism

Antsanitia Resort Sustainable Integrated Tourism
April 22, 2015 Bradley Cox

Antsanitia Resort is an eco-resort located in Manajanga, Madagascar. Surrounded by breathtaking white sand beaches and spectacular natural surroundings the resort is home to comfortable unit and bungalow accommodation, eco-tourism activities and an onsite essential oil distillery.

Green Globe recently re-certified the resort in recognition of its ongoing commitment to sustainable operations and management.

Jérémie Biton, Project Manager for Antsanitia Resort said, “Antsanitia Resort is proud to be recertified by Green Globe! Sustainability values have been a priority from the beginning, and all staff and management have provided the positive energy needed for the project to become a reality. We encourage everyone to come to our resort in Madagascar and see how meaningful this sustainability model is in our country. Come and discover the beauty of nature while meeting and experiencing life here with the local people.”

Antsanitia Resort is dedicated to sustainable integrated tourism. The property has been fully incorporated into its natural surroundings with key importance placed on preserving the environment and its major natural resources. At the same time, the resort supports local economic development and aims to improve the living conditions of villagers who inhabit the three fishing villages around the property.

Traditional village life in Antsanitia, Belamoti and Ankabokabe is based on fishing and cattle farming, however, the resort hopes to continue to provide employment for locals by organizing various training initiatives. Through its partnership with ADTIA (Association for the Development of Integrated Tourism in Antsanitia & Ampijoroa), a local village association, the resort conducts training in hospitality, catering services and guiding. Furthermore, Antsanitia Resort’s restaurant and kitchens encourage the development of regional businesses by using organically grown produce from the villages. Strong relationships have been established with local vegetable and fruit farmers while artisanal fisheries provide seafood.

The property produces its own electricity and non-drinking water is sourced from a natural open air spring. Power cuts occur during certain periods of the day and night to conserve energy. And guests are encouraged to reuse linen and towels as well as moderate their water and power usage. During the 2013-14 period electricity consumption was reduced by 8% per overnight stay.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities the resort organized literacy classes that were taught in a classroom sustainably built from native wood. Also, a clinic is being built to assist with health matters and environmental awareness is raised through programs such as green park management training.

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