Amazing Green Efforts at Swiss Holiday Park

Amazing Green Efforts at Swiss Holiday Park
November 14, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe member Swiss Holiday Park is the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland. Above Lake Lucerne in the idyllic Morschach, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama, the Swiss Holiday Park combines all holiday needs and an amusement park under one roof.

First certified by Green Globe in 2015, the resort is to be commended on their all-encompassing sustainability efforts that include the preservation of biodiversity, organic herb gardens, healthy food options for children and smart resource management.

Fronalp Farm and ProSpecieRara

Swiss Holiday Park (SHP) has its own farm – Fronalp. Visitors are integrated into the everyday life of the farm and children learn in a playful way how a real farm works. Different breeds of Swiss cows can be observed including dairy cows that produce milk, yogurts, cheese, and ice-cream for sale to guests staying at the park. The resort works together with ProSpecieRara (a Swiss Foundation for the cultural-historical and genetic diversity of plants and animals) to preserve native species. Fronalp is a safe haven for Swiss goats such as the Grisons Radiant, Capra Grigia, Nera Verzasca and Peacock goats. ProSpecieRara chickens along with rabbits, horses and ponies also live at the farm.

Healthy Eating at the Resort

Over 30 known and unknown variety of herbs are grown in special garden beds or scattered throughout the property at the kart track or around the hotel and the amusement park. Some herbs can also be found hidden amongst flowers and ornamental plants in the garden. The herbs are used to create delicious dishes in kitchens. Traditional herbs are cultivated and used in making organic herbal salts that are available for purchase while edible flowers including marigolds, violas, lavender or chamomile provide colourful accents on plates or presented as decorative sugar flowers.

The resort also has a natural ornamental garden with indigenous plant species from Switzerland that are well acclimated to the local conditions enhancing biodiversity.

SHP was the first hotel in Switzerland to offer a Happy Spoon certified Kids Buffet that meets the guidelines of the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE). To encourage kids to eat well dishes are created from fresh, seasonal food suitable for children. Vegetables are served at the front of the buffet, made more attractive and appealing by placing playful kids drawings next to them. In addition, less healthy food options such as hot chips are placed further behind and no soft drinks are served.

Carbon Neutral Property

Swiss Holiday Park is committed to using only 100% renewable energy. District heating is generated from biomass energy (Agro Energie Schwyz) and electricity from hydropower is from local energy provider EW Altdorf. This means that the resort is CO2 neutral for SCOPE 1 green gas emissions. The biomass energy from Agro Energie Schwyz is produced from renewable sources – biogas and old wood – and transported to Morschach by a district heating pipeline. Organic waste from Swiss Holiday Park goes directly into the district heating process.


Christian Schmid
Head of Quality
Swiss Holiday Park AG
Dorfstrasse 10
CH-6443 Morschach
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