Als nachhaltige Agentur zukunftsweisend sein

Als nachhaltige Agentur zukunftsweisend sein
February 5, 2019 Arton Kabashi

How a PR agency can make progress in the area of sustainability is shown by Wilde & Partner Communications GmbH. The company was re-certified by Green Globe for its energetic work. The award shows that the agency is on a successful path with its sustainable orientation.

For the agency, the biggest challenge this year was a construction site that made working day-to-work difficult, as Marie-Astrid Huwald, Authorized Officer at Wilde & Partner explains: “The one-year construction site was right in our building. Construction noise and dirt have made our everyday work difficult. We worked under difficult conditions and came up against our limits when it came to making our office life as sustainable as possible. However, we never lost sight of our goal and continued to successfully implement the Green Globe philosophy. “

The agency is particularly proud of the fact that since the beginning of all re-certifications it has been making sustainable payments for travel expenses by recording the CO2 emissions and summarizing them in an annual overview. According to Huwald, membership in Green Globe gives the agency a competitive advantage over other agencies, including international ones. The issue of sustainability is more important than ever, it is important to set a good example. The employees would carry these aspirations outwards and pay attention to sustainability when dealing with partners.

The goals at Wilde & Partner show that the company wants to continuously improve its sustainability and develops innovative ideas. At the same time, it uses the experience of many past sustainability projects, creating an ideal mix for future action in this area. In this way, the agency creates the best conditions to continue to celebrate sustainability success in the future