AG Hallenstadion: good annual performance and promising investments

AG Hallenstadion: good annual performance and promising investments
May 18, 2015 Birte Besocke

AG Hallenstadion Zürich can present a good business result for 2014, a year in which it posted a profit of CHF 0.983 million and boasted the second-best capacity utilization in its history. The successful box concept is being expanded with a grand lodge.

AG Hallenstadion Zürich presented its business results on the occasion of its annual general meeting. The company reports revenue of CHF 22.782 million and a profit of CHF 0.983 million for the 2014 financial year. The arena booked a total of 136 event days, which is the second-best capacity utilization in its history. The different events were attended by 990,000 people. With a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 spectators, the Hallenstadion remains the number one arena worldwide.

Felix Frei, Director of AG Hallenstadion: “The company continues to do very well. The entry into the Rock&Pop market, which AG Hallenstadion has been coordinating itself for a year now, has developed to our full satisfaction and was a decision that holds much promise for the future.”

Considerable reserves were raised once again for future investments, maintenance work and major repairs, and the cash flow situation remains very encouraging. Thanks to this solid foundation and the stable outlook for the future, the Board of Directors will ask the general meeting to approve a dividend of CHF 5 per share (par value CHF 100).

All members of the Board of Directors remain available for the current term of office until 2017. These are Dr Balz Hösly (Chairman), Dario Bonomo, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, Henri Wüger and the delegates of the City of Zurich, City Councillors Gerold Lauber and Urs Schmidig.

AG Hallenstadion also announced plans to convert its boxes, which will be carried out in summer 2015. Five of the current individual boxes will be combined into one large “sky lounge”, allowing the Hallenstadion to expand its successful premium segment offering private lounges for an annual subscription with a concept that meets changing social and corporate needs. The sky lounge, attractively positioned by the AG Hallenstadion, will be available for rent to companies, groups and individuals for single events.

Balz Hösly, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AG Hallenstadion: “The Hallenstadion not only looks back on a successful year, but can also look forward with enthusiasm to the future. With the expansion of its box concept, AG Hallenstadion is setting new benchmarks in the competition between event and exhibition venues, which will enjoy a rapid increase in the Zurich conurbation in the coming years.”

Zurich, 4 May 2015

AG Hallenstadion Zürich

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Director AG Hallenstadion
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AG Hallenstadion
Built in 1939 and renovated and expanded in 2005, the Hallenstadion with its total surface area of 14,300 square metres and the capacity to accommodate up to 13,000 spectators is the largest multi-functional indoor location in Switzerland. The Hallenstadion is known far beyond the borders of Switzerland as a venue for various large-scale events, including big events with international stars from the worlds of pop, rock, entertainment and culture, and sport events such as the ice hockey world cup, Mercedes CSI and Art on Ice. It is also the home stadium of the ZSC Lions.