ADA Fair Trade Hotel Cosmetics keeps Nature Beautiful

ADA Fair Trade Hotel Cosmetics keeps Nature Beautiful
May 28, 2013 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe announces certification of ADA Cosmetics International (ADA), the world’s first manufacturer of hotel cosmetics to receive this honor. The company of long-standing tradition began integrating sustainable practices into all levels of the business as early as 2005. Since then they have developed a number of innovative concepts promoting awareness among suppliers, clients, and staff. ADA was the first German provider of eco-certified natural cosmetics in the industry. Today, the cosmetics experts offer an entire range of ecological body care lines.

“We want to lead by example,” said ADA Group’s CEO, Wilhelm B. Könning. “Hotels increasingly factor in green aspects into their selection of suppliers, and working with Green Globe helps to demonstrate to the outside world that a supplier is trustworthy. Their audits, conducted on site every two years, have certainly enhanced our approach to sustainability matters. Sustainability is a learning process, and earning the prestigious certification encourages us to strive for the better to achieve the best possible results. On an internal level we strengthened our communication, especially in regards to environmental issues. We launched our inner-company awareness program called “Join Us”, promoting environmentally-conscious actions, such as reduce, reuse, and recycling.”

True to their motto ‘ADA Cares’, the business follows ecological standards with their choice of resources. Production is always close the clients, and raw materials are purchased from suppliers in the region. High-tech facilities guarantee a very low energy consumption and emission rates. Over 90% of all ADA body care products are biodegradable, posing no threat to ground water resources. ADA’s natural and certified line of eco-friendly cosmetics offer a true alternative for hotels, opting for premium quality while operating with economically and socially sustainable methods. Sustainability milestones so far include the launch of the “Green Collection”, the use of recyclable and recycled packaging materials, development of the first dispenser system for the hotel industry, and EcoCert certification of production.

ADA is immersed in a number of charitable projects with a focus on education and family. ‘Riverside Kustomz’, a local educational provider and training company, finds great support from ADA. Their mission is to help long-term unemployed and school drop outs integrating them into work life. ADA is a strong supporter of ‘Die Tafel’, a German non-profit organization that works similar to food banks in other countries. One of the latest sponsor projects ADA is involved with, is ‘Lebenshilfe Kehl-Hanauerland e.V.’, caring for people with mental disabilities.

About ADA Cosmetics International
ADA Cosmetics International is a leading supplier and producer of hotel cosmetics. As a globally operating cooperation, the company focuses on developing top quality, modern body care products that meet the needs of hotel guests, as well as the demands of the hotel industry. ADA’s portfolio includes product lines ranging from classic to modern, from current spa concepts to international designer brands. The eco-friendly press + wash dispenser system and a comprehensive assortment of accessories complement ADA’s product range. The company provides extensive expertise and modern technologies for contract manufacturing to leading companies in the cosmetic industry. From their headquarters in Kehl, Germany, and through a worldwide sales and distribution network, ADA consults and serves customers in their respective markets.

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