July 29, 2014 Arton Kabashi

GRENADA (July 24, 2014)
With a strong desire to assist and support the educational needs of the local community, the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Programme presented 12 graduating students from the Grand Anse Roman Catholic School in Grenada with the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Award at the 2014 annual award ceremony on Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

The students, who were accompanied by their parents, attended the award ceremony in the St. Andrew’s Suite at Spice Island Beach Resort, where they were welcomed with words of encouragement and sound advice from the resort’s general manager, Brian Hardy.

Mrs. Lyndonna Webster, guest speaker and past principle at Westmorland School in Grenada, delivered the ceremony’s feature address and challenged scholarship winners to always do their best. Sir Royston Hopkin, founder of the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Programme and owner of the all-inclusive Spice Island Beach Resort, encouraged the students to continue their education to the highest level in order to assist in the future development of Grenada.

“We must be proactive in creating educational opportunities for the future leaders of our country,” said Sir Royston. “We are proud to sponsor 12 new graduates from the Grand Anse Roman Catholic School this year as educating our youth is vital to the growth and prosperity of Grenada,” he added.

Sir Royston Scholarship Programme Coordinator, Hermian Griffith, provided guests with an overview of the programme which commenced in 1992. To date, the programme has awarded scholarships to approximately 152 students and has been extended to include three children of employees at the resort. There are currently 59 scholarship awardees in the programme.

The Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Programme selects graduates annually based on various criteria including financial need, good deportment and achievement of 50% in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment. The grade six teachers, the school’s principal and the scholarship programme coordinator are involved in the selection process and determine each year’s winners.

The programme offers students support throughout their secondary and tertiary level education, a period of seven years, by providing them with vouchers redeemable for workbooks, uniforms and stationery supplies. Educational guidance, school-based assignment assistance and career advice is also provided by the programme’s management team who closely monitors each student’s performance through report cards submitted at the end of each school year.

Gary Jones, acting principal at the Grand Anse Roman Catholic School, expressed appreciation on behalf of the school body for Sir Royston and the scholarship programme’s commitment to assisting students of the school, many of who come from underprivileged homes in the community.

Past scholarship winner, Anesia Charles, accepted an award for being an outstanding student for the past five years and spoke about how her life has changed after receiving the award in 2009, giving an eloquent vote of thanks to Sir Royston and the programme’s management team. She shared the many opportunities she has been able to enjoy as a result of the scholarship programme which lifted a huge financial burden off of her parents. With a dream of becoming a doctor, Charles has written 13 GCSE subjects this year and is expected to pass all 13 with many distinctions.

The award ceremony came to a close as Lady Betty Hopkin welcomed each scholarship winner into the Sir Royston Scholarship Programme and presented them with their awards. Despite not having any specific career goals at this time, many of the students expressed that they will make ample use of the opportunity given to them to make a difference in their families. The programme’s hope is that all awardees will aim to join Anisha Hall, a 2002 recipient, who recently became the programme’s first University graduate.

Lady Betty Hopkin also presented top performers in each year of the scholarship programme with special prizes of new laptops and tablets in honor of all of their hard work and accomplishments over the past year.

In addition to honoring new and current members of the Sir Royston Scholarship Programme, the award ceremony also featured a special donation presentation, in which Sir Royston awarded the St. George’s Seventh Day Adventist Primary School with an Apple iPad 31 GB with retina display.

Last month, 24 students from St. George’s Seventh Day Adventist Primary School toured Spice Island Beach Resort in order to get a firsthand look at the benefits of tourism and the importance of hospitality. At the end of the tour the students presented Sir Royston with a scrapbook showcasing various aspects of his achievements, after which he pledged to donate an iPad to the school. Mrs. Allison Prince, grade three teacher at St. George’s Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, attended the award ceremony to accept the donation on behalf of the school’s principle and students.


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