The Hôtel Martinez: A New Era of Excellence & Generosity

The Hôtel Martinez: A New Era of Excellence & Generosity
February 28, 2018 Bradley Cox

A Green Globe Gold Certified hotel, The Hôtel Martinez was recently recertified for the seventh consecutive year, marking this landmark establishment a leader of sustainable management on the Côte d’Azur.

“I am proud that Hotel Martinez has been certified Green Globe since 2010”, said Alessandro Cresta, General Manager at Hôtel Martinez. “We all continue to get involved in sustainable development and have set short and medium term goals, including waste sorting and responsible seafood purchasing. It is my responsibility to employees, customers and local communities to raise awareness that we must act in every way possible to support the environment and society.”

At the end of October last year, The Hôtel Martinez closed it doors to continue its renovation work, with its reopening planned next week on the 5th of March. Even during this brief halt in operations, the hotel still found excellent ways to contribute to the sustainability of their world famous destination.

The hotel’s renovations resulted in hundreds of lots of used furniture which were auctioned on October 31, 2017. To give back to the local community, the profits from this sale, totaling € 79,178, were donated in full to the Le Rayon de Soleil de Cannes, an association that welcomes and protects children and their families who face difficulties.

The sale of one lot of hotel furniture was organized by employees and these funds, € 8706, were donated to the Sourire et Partage, another important childrens’ charity, which helps seriously sick children and their families realize their dreams.

The Hôtel Martinez, which opened in 1929, is the very embodiment of the carefree spirit of the French Riviera during the same period. Then and now, it was and is the ultimate place to see and be seen on the Croisette, where personalities of every realm come together in a warm and friendly atmosphere filled with joie de vivre.

Inspired by this landmark hotel’s Art Deco style, paired with the colors of the Côte d’Azur, interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon is breathing a new energy and life into this iconic establishment, translating the harmony between Mother Nature and the Mediterranean lifestyle. From the beach, to the new garden with its “guinguette” ambiance, and including the legendary bar and La Palme d’Or, the two-Michelin-star restaurant, with Chef Christian Sinicropi at the helm, Hôtel Martinez invites guests to savour and share the Riviera’s simple pleasures in a chic yet relaxed atmosphere.


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