Swiss Holiday Park: Energized by Green Power

Swiss Holiday Park: Energized by Green Power
March 8, 2017 Bradley Cox

In Morschach, above Lake Lucerne, on a high plateau with a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and the Urner Alps, sits the Swiss Holiday Park the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland. First certified in 2016, the Park has once again been awarded certification by Green Globe for its successful management and sustainable operations.

Walter Trösch, CEO of Swiss Holiday Park said, “Since 2007, for almost a decade, our Park has been focusing on improving our environment and seeking sustainability with its management, step by step. In recent years, we have received various awards for these efforts, including the ‘Environment Award’ for Milestone, a Swiss award, recognizing tourism services.”

In order to meet the challenges of maintaining its green status, Swiss Holiday Park has created an internal Green Team, which deals with environmental issues. In the first year of certification, the Team focused on waste separation and now the main topic is in reducing the use of energy.

For a number of years Swiss Holiday Park focused on a “green” generation mix when choosing its electricity source. But since 2011, the Park has aimed to purchase only 100% renewable power from the local energy provider EW Altdorf. Their URstrom energy is generated by 100% hydroelectric power. Their corresponding hydroelectric power plants are certified with eco-electricity certification naturemadebasic. Swiss Holiday Park can now guarantee that only CO2-free electricity is used for its operations.

Two years ago, the Park also implemented a district-heating project with Agro-Energy Schwyz. Each year 600,000 litres of heating oil and the associated CO2 can be saved with the introduction of the district-heating pipeline from the neighbouring municipality. The energy from Agro-Energie Schwyz is generated by renewable energy sources – biogas and old wood – and transported to Morschach by the district-heating pipeline. The energy used in the Park’s biogas plant is largely derived from animal manure.

And finally, just to make sure all possible energy savings are implemented; Swiss Holiday Park operates its own farm witch is directly adjacent to the company. This allows saving a tremendous amount of energy by processing the produced cow’s milk directly and offering it to the guests in pasteurised form. 


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