Sustainability is an Attitude

Sustainability is an Attitude
November 9, 2016 Bradley Cox

Guest Column:
Nicolas Roucos, General Manager Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Lisbon

Whenever we think of running a sustainable business what comes first?

Mostly we think of a sound, long-lasting and (financially) healthy business but also one that is viable for all stakeholders involved. The challenge we have faced at Inspira throughout the years is how to positively manage the above equation.

On one hand, a higher price and profit margin (associated to quality product and services) is extremely important in order to maintain the structure of a business that has a superior cost base and on the other hand that has to struggle to be competitive even though the rules of engagement require it to manage its staff, suppliers, shareholders and community in ways which require more investment.   In order to be able to afford installations and management practices which are “green”, we must always be prepared to find an equilibrium between profit and processes.


In some instances, as is the case with investments in energy monitoring, this will yield a tangible return on investment so this keeps every stakeholder involved happy, from the company that sells the technology, to the management team which can achieve its energy consumption goals to the shareholders who sees his every euro’s worth of investment back and more. However, with Social Responsibility initiatives, the return is not so direct and often difficult, impossible to measure at times, but many times these initiatives fulfil employees’ expectations which affect directly retention and bottom line. This has been our experience at Inspira for the past 6 years, at Inspira where Sustainability is an attitude!

Green Globe GOLD Member, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is one of Portugal’s leading hotels for sustainability. View Inspira’s Sustainability Report 

(Nicolas Roucos Photo Credit: Portugese Entrepreneurs)