Scandic Hamburg Emporio Aims for Zero Carbon

Scandic Hamburg Emporio Aims for Zero Carbon
July 10, 2014 Arton Kabashi

The Scandic Hamburg Emporio received its Green Globe re-certification in June and is already planning to reduce its overall environmental impact to add to its impressive list of achievements.

General Manager, Folke Sievers said, “ Green Globe helps us continuously improve our carbon emissions to achieve our challenging goal of ZERO EMISSIONS in 2025.

In keeping with the hotel’s goal to become completely carbon neutral guests can check their carbon footprint on the web during their stay. In addition, the entire energy consumption of the hotel, including waste production, heating and water is monitored on a monthly basis.

The Scandic Hamburg Emporio focuses on environmental, economic and social considerations that result in sustainable operations at all levels throughout the hotel.  For example, The Scandic Hamburg Emporio has incorporated a wide range of natural materials in the construction of the hotel and 90% of the rooms’ interiors are made of recyclable materials.

Electricity comes from renewable sources through a partnership with Greenpeace Energy with the hotel expecting to cut its carbon emissions by up to 1,000 tons per year. All guest and conference rooms have floor to ceiling windows with UV protection providing natural lighting that reduces energy consumption within the hotel.

In the past almost four million bottles of water a year were transported to Scandic hotels. However, as water quality in Hamburg is of a high standard local tap water is supplied in hand-blown recycled glass bottles to guests. And to further reduce water usage the hotel has low flush toilets, specially fitted water saving showerheads, washbasins fitted with sensors and efficient washing machines and dishwashers.

Cleaning takes on a new dimension at the Scandic Hamburg Emporio. A central vacuum cleaning system uses the pressure from the air conditioning to not only vacuum clean rooms but also save energy at the same time. This means that rooms are highly suitable for people suffering from allergies as they are free of any fine dust and are non-smoking areas. Eco-labeled cleaning agents are also used for cleaning and washing.

Both staff and guests are encouraged to sort waste into specially made bins rather than using wastepaper baskets. And later at central waste bins, refuse collected by housekeeping and cleaning staff is divided into twenty-two separate categories for recycling or disposal.

Guests have reacted positively to environmental planning at the Scandic Hamburg’s restaurants where meals are prepared using only local and fair trade products. Furthermore, table surfaces made of copper mean there is no requirement for linen tablecloths and the provision of paper napkins further reduces water and energy consumption and overall expenditure costs.