Parkhotel Den Haag: Smart and Simple Sustainability

Parkhotel Den Haag: Smart and Simple Sustainability
December 5, 2014 Bradley Cox

In the heart of The Hague is the antique Hofkwartier or the Court Quarter, home to Holland’s Palace Noordeinde and the extensive Palace Gardens. This district is popular with travellers coming to visit The Netherlands’ seat of government, with its historic streets filled with fashionable boutiques. The Hofkwartier is also the upmarket address of Green Globe certified Parkhotel Den Haag.

Parkhotel Den Haag is a short walk or bike ride to all of the main attractions, including some unexpected ones such as the local surfing beach. And for the past 3 years the hotel has been working diligently at its sustainable operations and spreading the word amongst its guests about green living.

Commenting on the property’s recent re-certification by Green Globe, Front Office Manager
and Green Team Member, Meep Ohr said, “From 2012 onwards our team has engaged themselves with the Green Globe message and is continuously looking for areas to improve. Improvements which are not only made on the hardware via investments, but also with staff who are trained in the Green Globe philosophy and triggered to bring up ideas and actively engage in green-practices at work as well as in their private life.”

From the cellar to the roof, Parkhotel Den Haag can truly claim to be operating sustainably. Recent innovations include a new high-efficiency boiler to service the hotel’s hot water needs. The high-efficiency technology recovers heat that is typically lost in the flue and, via lower fuel use over time, is a very economical way of lowering CO2 emissions. Upstairs on the roof another smart innovation lowers energy use for cooling during warmer months. Part of the surface of Parkhotel’s roof has a white covering and this simple improvement cuts heat absorption by 85%. The result is up to 35% reduction in energy used for air-conditioning.

Parkhotel Den Haag is also very keen to ensure its guests can understand more about sustainability. On its website the hotel provides an easy to use carbon calculator – ecomputer – where visitors can quickly discover how much carbon their hotel stay is generating. It turns out that a couple staying 3 nights this month, generate 71 kg of carbon, and that takes 7 fully-grown trees a whole year to remove from the atmosphere. For more information visit

Each day and in many small ways, this 100-year-old hotel contributes to a better environment and community. Parkhotel is constantly benchmarking its use of energy and water as well as monitoring the recycling and reduction of waste. Operational improvements such as reducing the weekly deliveries by amenity suppliers to once every 2 to 3 months is another smart little idea that makes a big difference to both the global environment and the local community by reducing commercial vehicle traffic.

Within their social commitments during 2014, Parkhotel Den Haag has engaged with local charities, including Stichting Kessler, providing several dinners for their clients at their location, as well as Stichting Leergeld, which the hotel arranges an annual Christmas party for, including presents for low income members of local neighbourhoods.

Parkhotel Den Haag’s General Manager has also engaged as an ambassador with PEP (Participation Emancipation Professionals) a new organisation created from the recent merger of four foundations. This group is dedicated to inspiring residents of The Hague to get involved and make a difference by working closely with non-profit organizations, companies and community leaders to respond to community needs.

Of course creating greater guest comfort and richer experiences is tied into the hotel’s sustainable management approach. The amount of paper brochures has been greatly reduced with the integration of essential local information and maps into the key cardholders. And whether visitors are coming for either a luxurious stay or a business meeting or perhaps a wedding, the Parkhotel staff are keen to share their knowledge with advice and tips on Dutch customs and the best local cultural experiences.

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