Parc Le Pal Celebrates 5 Years of Green Globe Management

Parc Le Pal Celebrates 5 Years of Green Globe Management
January 29, 2015 Bradley Cox

Parc Le Pal is a wildlife zoo and leisure theme park located in Allier, France. The park, established in 1973 is set on 35 hectares of land with 600 animals from over five continents occupying 20 hectares, more than half of the total land area. Le Pal also has accommodation on site as well as shops and restaurants.

Parc Le Pal was one of the first French theme Parks to obtain Green Globe certification. Le Pal is one of Green Globe’s elite members, and this year marks the fifth year that the park has again been certified. Sustainable development is fully integrated in the company’s decision-making at the highest level by Le PAL management and high visitation numbers are a testament to its success. In 2014, over half a million visitors passed through the gates.

Guillaume Picard, Head of Education and Entertainment at SAS Le Pal said,” We are very pleased to have obtained the certification for the 5th consecutive year. We have sought to improve our sustainability performance over a number of key areas throughout Le Pal.”

In 2013, Les Lodges du Pal, a safari-like style hotel was opened. Here guests experience life in the heart of South Africa amidst wildlife including hippos, zebras, antelopes and ostriches. This year seven new lodges will open increasing the total number of lodges to thirty-one.

“One of the main goals was the design of the buildings at Le Pal. Environmentally friendly materials were preferred for construction such as wood wool for insulation, deep bedding with bark mulch, and lime plaster. And energy conservation is guaranteed with the utilization of a Canadian-designed well that is designed to regulate room temperatures using geothermal energy instead of electricity. To further reduce the consumption of electricity energy efficient boilers have been installed, skylights have also been fitted in the lodges and the park’s six scenic lakes are naturally filtered,“ added Mr Picard.

As a zoological park, preservation of biodiversity is a major aspect of Le Pal’s philosophy. Following each new installation, wetlands are created and natural environments are redeveloped in consultation with local associations. The park’s Green Team are also involved with the maintenance and preservation of local vegetation. These combined efforts are rewarded by the presence of wildlife such as snakes, frogs and salamanders.

In line with its environmental responsibility, Le Pal is focused on working with local providers who are committed to sustainable development. This approach is also well integrated within the Le Pal team with buyers adhering to the park’s eco-friendly purchasing policy. To date almost all detergents are eco-certified and further efforts are planned for the future.

Mr Picard noted that, “Following the 2012 on site audit, it was pointed out that Le Pal should communicate its sustainable initiatives more clearly to the public. As a result, a series of posters were designed for visitors providing information on the various actions taken within the park.”

These posters have included Le Pal’s policy on the reuse or recycling of green waste. For example, edible parts of plants and trees such as bamboo, oak and ash, provide food for some of the animals while dead leaves and branches are used for composting. In addition, another poster promotes Le Pal’s investment in amenities such as picnic tables, railing posts and bins made of recycled materials that are not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

About Parc Le Pal

Originally created in 1973, Le Pal is one of the most unique and popular theme parks of its kind in France. Set on 35 hectares in the beautiful region of Auvergne, the park is famous for presenting spectacular amusement park attractions in a scenic forest, which is also home to over 500 animals from 5 continents.

Le Pal’s zoological collection includes Asian Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Tigers, Hippos, Chimpanzees, Gibbons, Bears, Wolves, Wild Dogs and Ostriches roaming in natural environments. Marine mammals such as South American sea lions can also be seen at the park’s aquatic exhibits. Each day 3 unforgettable animal shows feature sea lions, parrots and birds of prey in flight. Le Pal has been created for all the family to enjoy with amusement rides including the Mine Train, Sun Disk, Dynamik Cinema 3D, Canadian River, the Stud PAL, and Escadrille Desert.

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