Ortenia – Sustainable Living In The Heart of Slovenia

Ortenia – Sustainable Living In The Heart of Slovenia
August 28, 2015 Bradley Cox

In the south-eastern part of Slovenia, where the River Sotla flows through a valley beneath the Kozjansko hills, just a few kilometres from the border with Croatia, lies the popular destination of Podčetrtek. On a hill above the village stands Ortenia, a complex of six eco-apartments. In 2014, Ortenia was awarded the Eco hotels certification and won the prestigious Green pencil architecture award, for architectural execution created with a conscious responsibility to the environment and society.
Green Globe congratulates Ortenia on its inaugural certification and outstanding compliance score of 93% against accredited criteria.
Karin and Miha Jazbinšek, the owners of Ortenia said, “Establishing our boutique eco resort Ortenia is a result of our mission – to promote sustainable living as well as sustainable green tourism in a natural environment in the heart of the Slovenian thermal area. This was achieved by the sustainable usage of natural resources, engaging and connecting local food and beverage producers, employing local people and by ensuring our guests can enjoy as much outdoor sports and leisure activities as possible.”
Ortenia is the first property that has eco-friendly apartments in Slovenia, designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction.

During construction of the apartments only natural materials were used. The visible parts of the building are made of wood while the insulation material inside the walls is cellulose fibre fitted with natural sealing materials. The facades, clad in wood, have been built using diffusion-open wall construction allowing the building to breathe. Humidity in interior areas is regulated by clay plaster.

To reduce energy consumption only energy efficient appliances and energy efficient light bulbs are installed in all buildings. Heating for water and rooms use a renewable energy source – water pumped from a depth of 80 metres from geo-thermal springs. Also, a water tank collects rainwater from the roof that is used to flush toilets and for watering outside areas thereby conserving natural resources.

To reduce the property’s impact on the environment, the furnishings of the apartments and common areas are made of solid, untreated oak and beech wood from a Slovenian manufacturer. Only fabrics made from natural fibers and organic cotton towels are used. While certified organic cosmetics are also available.

The management of Ortenia pay particular attention to services provided to guests. Breakfast is served in locally produced baskets and placed in front of each room at the time designated by individual guests. In addition, guests can choose from different breakfast menus with all ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers.

Ortenia is developing a strong connection to the local economy and is at the same time giving each guest an authentic experience. Guests at Ortenia can use special discounts at spas in nearby Olimia and further discounts are also available in restaurants and at other local businesses. Furthermore, the property offers selected local or Slovene products for sale to guests. And rooms are adorned with hand-made decorative items and accessories created by Slovenian designers.

The concept behind Ortenia was developed over forty years and the property maintains strong links with local providers in the area as a result of long term cooperation and a love for local tradition and nature. And the area of Podčetrtek is ideal for active holidays that include hiking and biking which generate no carbon emissions. Overall, the wellbeing of each guest and giving them an authentic and natural friendly experience is of the utmost importance to both management and staff.

“Thereby, we want to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy their free time or holidays in a responsible way and at the same time feel the beauty and warmth of Ortenia – Apartments in Nature,” concluded Karin and Miha Jazbinšek.

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