La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher‬: 1st Certified Hotel in Bretagne

La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher‬: 1st Certified Hotel in Bretagne
July 2, 2015 Bradley Cox

The first Green Globe certified hotel in the Bretagne region, France, La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher aims to protect the environment and to answer all expectations of green travellers. The hotel reduces its ecological and climate footprint, gathers its staff around ecological projects and maintains strong relations with public institutions. The hotel’s team is in continual contact with key stakeholders in Bretagne, growing long-lasting and responsible relations.

‪La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher is more than a simple hotel. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, the Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher blends into the landscape with its rooms covered by grass roofs that harmoniously merge into the hillside relief.

The hotel’s pure esthetic combines natural and local materials such as schist rock and wood. The view extends over ten hectares of countryside including a woodland park, a natural prairie and a country kitchen garden. With its bioclimatic architecture, low-consumption construction and conservation of biodiversity, guests can be at peace with the landscape and nature.

The sustainability methodology for Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher was devised and implemented over the last three years by Green Globe Preferred Partner, Francois Tourisme Consultants. This sustainable program was considered upstream to the construction project and its bioclimatic architecture. The program responds to the principles of eco-construction and eco-management while guaranteeing the optimal comfort for guests.

In its daily management the hotel makes it a point of pride to reduce consumption of natural resources. Water resources are preserved via the collection of rainwater, with natural filtration through reed beds, and additionally the hotel recycles water from the swimming pool to irrigation.

To save energy Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher has invested in thermal solar panels, an electric motor car and wood-fired boilers supplied by local forests that are sustainably managed.

The Restaurant Les Jardins Sauvages is of special note as it exclusively offers local and organic food. This drastically decreases the hotel’s carbon footprint by reducing transportation and storage, while providing healthy local flavours.

Finally Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher has committed to preserve the biodiversity of their 24 acres of meadows and forests thanks to the installation of more than five beehives, as well as a partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds. And for every overnight stay, the hotel team plants a tree; such is their commitment to continuing to green their special corner of France.

‪To frame the whole sustainability program, the management of La Grée des Landes Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher have chosen internationally recognized Green Globe certification to validate their significant and ongoing achievements.




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