Inspira Santa Marta Hotel Inspiring Recycling Infrastructure

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel Inspiring Recycling Infrastructure
July 16, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel employees are increasing their expertise in recycling and waste reduction with participation in a Valorsul training event held at the hotel. On average, Portuguese produce more than 450 kg of waste per person per year but only 71% separate it for recycling purposes. Recycling is very important because it means less extraction of raw materials, less energy to manufacture new products, lower emissions of carbon dioxide and more value added to the economy.

General Manager Nicolas Roucos said, “Here at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, we encourage our guests and staff to recycle. We also ensure that guests receive adequate information and our staff get proper training and education so that everyone is able to fully understand the impact of adequate recycling.”

In addition to initiatives including visits to a local wastewater treatment plant and the Valorsul Recycling Center, Inspira offers its staff regular training on effective waste management. The hotel has recycling bins in all operational areas, including guest and meeting rooms. And housekeeping carts are also provided with bins where waste can be sorted into paper, packaging and general refuse.

Signage promoting responsible recycling is available for guests and staff. Due to these measures 80% of the waste produced each month is sent for recycling which includes paper, glass, metal and plastics, toners, coffee capsules, batteries, EEE (electrical and electronic equipment), cooking oil and fluorescent lamps. Waste is weighed and reduction goals are specified, recorded and monitored. All waste transportation and final disposal is managed by licensed operators according to European and local legislation, including non-recycling waste such as kitchen grease, sanitary and construction waste.

As waste prevention is one of the most important measures concerning waste management the hotel has a take-back policy with suppliers and styrofoam products are prohibited. In order to minimize the usage of toiletry products amenities dispensers are used in guest bathrooms, employee locker rooms and spa facilities.

Drinking water is filtered onsite and served in refilled and recycled glass bottles. Inspira has also implemented paperless procedures and manual double-sided printing is used for select print jobs when equipment does not allow back-to-back copying. Paper is re-used whenever possible and paper-free hand dryers are used in public restrooms. Paper consumption and printing are also monitored and specific goals are set. Telephone books and newspapers may be consulted online while the hotel directory is available on the IPTV menu.

Organic waste is composted via an external management program, +Valor. Also, to prevent unnecessary food wastage Inspira has joined the Zero Waste movement which saves food that would otherwise end up in the trash and donates it to people in need – food that never left the kitchen, food that is nearing the end of its expiry date and food that has never been opened or served to the public. The movement serves as an intermediary between merchants and charities.