InterContinental Frankfurt – Team Motivation Leads to Success

InterContinental Frankfurt – Team Motivation Leads to Success
March 19, 2015 Bradley Cox

The InterContinental Frankfurt is the largest hotel in the heart of Frankfurt in Germany. Situated on the banks of the Main River, breathtaking views of the Frankfurt skyline and the river can be enjoyed by both visitors and business travellers alike.

Green Globe congratulates the InterContinental Frankfurt on its recent re-certification and commitment to sustainable practices.

Martin Driskell, General Manager of the InterContinental Frankfurt said, “We are very honoured to have been awarded Green Globe certification for the second year in a row. My entire team is proud and excited to have made a significant contribution to protecting the environment and people consistently for the past two years!”

“Not only are we located in the heart of the City, we are also a part of a global society.  As the largest business and conference hotel in the City Centre, we have a great responsibility for our environment as well as for our employees and guests,” added Mr Driskell.

Sustainability is a top priority for the hotel with energy saving goals targeted as one of its key objectives. The InterContinental Frankfurt uses 100 % green electricity and offers car sharing as well as charging stations for electric cars. As a result of this and other ongoing efforts, the hotel achieved an outstanding compliance score of 93% against Green Globe accredited criteria.

“You can only lead a successful business, if your employees are highly motivated,” said Mr Driskell in recognition of his team’s assistance.

Regular in-house opinion surveys indicate that staff are given ample opportunity to actively shape the company. And the hotel conducts various training programs for associates as well as opportunities for advancement to provide the best possible working experience.

Within the InterContinental Frankfurt all departments actively contribute toward sustainable objectives. Chef Klaus Bramkamp, who has lead the hotel´s kitchen crew for more than 20 years explains, “Another important component of Green Globe certification is to source local products to reduce pollution by avoiding long transportation for the goods we order.  We carefully select the best ingredients and products from vendors within our State of Hessen”.

Incorporating environmental friendly practices has only enhanced the high standard of German cuisine created. “I constantly strive to ensure the highest quality in all our menu items while carefully considering the impact on our surroundings,” said Chef Bramkamp.

The InterContinental Frankfurt is also proudly involved with a number of social initiatives within the wider community. “Supporting local social projects and charitable organizations is very close to my heart.  For many years, we have backed the International Children’s Home Frankfurt, both with staff involvement and financial assistance. Together, we have accomplished beneficial projects for the children for many years. Also, we maintain a close partnership with the English Theatre,” concluded Mr Driskell.

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